Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Rock....

Gulf Shores, Alabama
Spring 2008
He's my rock, my shield, someone who is strong when I might be weak, he loves and accepts me for who I am, unconditionally, even with all my faults . He married me when I was probably way too young, yet helped me grow up and be strong by trusting completely in me.

He is my children's father, the one who they look up to, and in their eyes he can do no wrong. They all want to please him, and I appreciate that. He is sentimental, and that is not weakness, as I once may have thought: sentimentality is a good and kind strength.

He is strong, he is hard-working, he may be too quiet sometimes but over the years I have come to appreciate what that means. I love his common sense, and I love that he came out so good when he went through so much in life that was not so good.

I love how he loves his animals and how he takes such good care of them. He is my rock and without him, there would be no foundation for me.

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