Thursday, November 20, 2008


Sold for $15.50

Sold for $1.99

From the bulging picture file on my computer named "EBAY" come two pictures and two stories. Well, actually I have over 1400 pictures in that file, listed on the same day and sold just hours apart and show you that you just NEVER KNOW. I mean, a bunch of plastic from Tupperware the late eighties? Who knew?
The top picture is a set of Tupperware stencils from the late eighties, still in their original bag, never used. PRICE: .25 cents. My kids used to play with these, back when kids still picked up paper and pencils to play.

The lower picture is of a very old (or vintage as they say on eBay) kitchen prayer plate that your grandma could have had in her kitchen when her kids were growing up. It was made in Ohio and had a stamp on the back with the town's name. PRICE: $1.00


LeaderOfTheChickenParade said...

You sold my stencils???? ; (

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

No, I sold a set LIKE you used to have, I found them new at a garage sale for .25. Silly, I wouldn't sell yours, I would have to FIND them first, and that's too hard!