Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where did my baby go?

It hasn't been much more than a couple of years between the upper and lower pictures. But the difference in looks, in how much he weighs, his height are all very great. Luke grew so much since Jamie's wedding, it's not funny.

At Jamie's wedding, she was still the taller one, not any more. At Jamie's wedding, Mom was still the taller one. Not any more! Shortly, he will overtake his dad in height, and he's not quite thirteen yet. His feet are bigger than his dad's, and they are getting close to being as big as Mark's feet are! He's a beanpole with size eleven feet!

Where did my little boy in bib overalls, my little chatterbox go? My little buddy who would sit and listen to me read for as long as I would read to him? How I wish I had taken more video...so I could still hear his little voice.

But, as moms we have to welcome the changes, because if the changes didn't come, then it would certainly mean something was wrong. But do I have to like it when he needs to shave already?

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