Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In God We Trust?

World War Museum Indianapolis, IN

It doesn't matter where you stand politcally, it seems as if everywhere you turn, people are looking to the government to fix everything in their lives, them, their kids, their educations, financial and health problems, everything.

This is not the way our forefathers envisioned this land. They thought this land would provide opportunity, sure, and it would provide a place to come and prove yourself. Nothing was to be guaranteed. Here was the promised land, a melting pot that many longed and even ached and dreamed to come to, they worked hard to be able to get here: so much that some even indentured themselves as slaves for years to get here! And lo, they finally came, after a long and life-risking journey, kissed the ground, breathed in the freedom, and GOT TO WORK.

They worked, they loved, they proved themselves and made you prove yourself, too! Yes and sometimes they prospered, and then again maybe tragedy would strike and it would all be taken from them, but they dearly loved this land anyway, just for the simple fact of the freedom they had here to be what they could be and then they gave back. They founded a government for and by the people. They declared their independence. They had foresight and knew the consequences of bad governing. They knew the lessons of tyranny very well.

They worked until it hurt, toiled from daylight til dark, took very few opportunities to relax and got back at it again. They were bold enough (and meek enough) to know that sometimes choosing freedom meant that someone must give their life. It meant something, was sacred.

How times have changed, and how sad that is as slowly, like a dripping faucet: we allow just enough to change in increments to the point where the government is who the people look to when things go wrong and risks taken must be made right by "big daddy".

Just how would George Washington view the whining and complaining that is taking place for all of us who really have it so easy compared to the real men who founded this country?

Where have all the real men gone? Real men trust God. Real men know that God is the one we must look to for answers. Real men know that God asks us to live upright lives and choose the right morals, and he will take care of the rest. Real men know that government is not the answer to every problem.

What America is craving is real leadership. A lot of us thought that would be what George W. Bush would bring, but he disappointed many of us in that area.

Speaking of real men, it brings to mind John Wayne....click on this link to hear him recite AMERICA, WHY I LOVE HER.


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