Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Want to make your family drool when it's time for breakfast, or time for breakfast for supper? Here's what you do, make your own hashbrowns! Don't groan, you CAN do this. You can look like a gourmet cook even if you're not (and for sure, I am not!)
What you'll need:
Baked potatoes that are leftover (I never bake potatoes without throwing a few extra in, they come in handy for so many dishes! More on that later....)
An old fashioned grater, and please DO pardon my bent and nasty looking grater, it has survived years of me slamming these old farmhouse drawers on it and smashing the handle!
Some canola oil for frying
Sea salt & Coarsely ground pepper
You can probaby guess what you'll be doing. You take the cold, sad-looking wrinkled and saggin' baked potatoes, (and tell yourself you will look the same way soon when you get old and your kids are having kids) and don't even think of removing the skins, the skin is where the FLAVOR'S at, man! Leave the skin on and grate them on the side of the grater with the largest holes. Easy, peasy, right?
Get your oil hot and fry those babies up, in clumps...do NOT spread them all over the pan. They brown best when they have some breathing room between piles. Don't flip them until they are GOOD AND BROWN, as shown above, and try to flip them in nice clumps, too. When done, sprinkle generously with coarsely ground black pepper and sea salt. YUM! Serve with eggs cooked your favotite way (sunny side up!) and some nice wheat toast with homemade raspberry jam. Your husband will worship you!

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