Saturday, October 4, 2008

Small Town, USA still gets excited about a parade!

Last night was homecoming for Luke's school, and preceding it was a parade with nicely-themed class floats, with loud ambulances and firetrucks, sports teams, and homecoming king and queen candidates. Lots of candy was thrown and collected by cute kids and afterward, we all went to the game where the home team soundly defeated the visitors, much to the delight of the crowd. Halftime saw the queen and king candidates introduced and a crown and cape passed from last year's class on to the new senior class.
Luke played football with other boys for the first part of the game, ate pizza, popcorn and other junk and watched the rest of the game under a wool blanket with us. It was COLD last night. (I think we had our first hard frost last night.)
Then we all came home, where Luke promptly took off his shoes, and laid on the couch and started watching football. It wasn't very long before he was snoring and I think he slept on the couch until about one a.m. when his dad woke him up and sent him to bed!

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