Monday, October 6, 2008

Mark likes BIG BUCKS and he cannot lie....the smile tells it all!


Oh, Mark is one happy guy. I've NEVER seen him smile quite this big for a picture yet! I guess he reserves the smile with teeth (the ones we paid all that money to straighten!) for the really important things in life!

All that money he spent on his new bow and all the stuff to go with it is paying off again this year. He's two and two: two deer in two years! He also believes (and invests quite heavily in) scent lures! He got this big daddy last night right around dusk, and it took him and his dad and Luke over an hour and a half to haul it out to the trail to be loaded on a truck. I bet they're all pretty sore today. My only contribution was to drive trucks where they needed to be. That was fun, and none of the trucks got stuck! (Darn, I love to get stuck once in a while!)

Lem said he thought this guy was going to dress out over 200 pounds. He thought that the deer weighed over 275 before gutting him. They had to haul him through the corn and they just about wore themselves out getting him up to the truck. They were covered head to toe in burrs and pickers!
This year, Lem got smart (like I told him to, hehehe!) and got a come-along for up in the 12' barn rafters and he got this buck put up without too much effort. Mark and Lem and Luke all have good stories to tell about this big bad boy!

Lem found the deer where it fell, and Luke found the arrow so Mark was thrilled that he isn't even short an arrow this year like he was last year!

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Laura said...

Call me when you make venison stew!
Yum! :-9