Sunday, February 3, 2013

So God Made A Farmer: Best Commercial Ever.

Best of the night, hands down.

I'm telling you, this one made me cry.

It made me miss Paul Harvey, and the men of that generation.  
It made me remember his commentary, soothing, calming commentary.
As each one ended, it made you realize what a good place you lived in.

The photos on this are absolutely stunning, heart-breaking-ly stunning.  
And you know photos are the way to my heart.  
The truck was almost immaterial.

What a great country we have.
What great people we have.
What a sad thing to watch it being dismantled.

But for a minute, I forgot about all that, and my heart swelled with pride 
for those that work hard, 
and work well, and sacrifice to successfully feed and clothe us.  
THANK YOU, farmers, thank you.


Cher' Shots said...

My sentiments exactly! It took me back to the strength and integrity that our country was built on. We've weakened and become a nation of sheep being lead to the slaughter. Keep your strength through faith in the Almighty.
'love & hugs from afar'

Earlene said...

Joni DITTO!!!
I did not see that one. I missed a lot but what a great watch and so true!! I believe without farmers we have nothing.

Farm Road Quilts said...

Totally agree Joni! And I loved that the commercial featured Paul Harvey....during the Superbowl! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Just the best because it is the truth, no embellishment. My heart goes out to all the farmers trying to make it in the USA today.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the "normal" American farmer no longer exists...we have small pockets of farmers who sell at roadside stands or farmers markets, but the farming way of life no longer is. I grew up on a farm. Nice commercial, but my heart went out to the Clydsdale ad.

Mary Ann Potter said...

This is probably the best tv commercial ever made, Super Bowl or no Super Bowl. Thank you for posting this, Joni. I am proud to be a farmer even on a small scale. I believe there are still enough of us out there to continue to make a difference.

aimee said...

I liked that one (grew up to Paul Harvey on the radio) and I am really glad it touched so many farmers, but the Budweiser Clydesdale ad had me crying and I don't even drink beer :-)
It was nice to see these good Americana commercials!
Blessings, Aimee

Echoes From the Hill said...

I agree, it was the best!
Jeep had a pretty good ad too.

Unknown said...

That was my personal favorite as well. I miss Paul Harvey so much! I used to scan the channels often to see if I could catch him. I worry so much about our farmers. It scares me to think that someday the government might be doing all the farming. ::sigh::

Anonymous said...

Amen, Joni!