Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back Roads Beauty: An Ethereal Morning

I looked out the window Saturday morning to find this:
a hoarfrost and a fog, the sun was rising quickly so I brushed my hair, got my boots and grabbed a coat and my camera pack and left the house in the sweats I slept in!

And it was magic, ethereal, and quiet except for the sound of the snow squeaking under the tires on a morning that registered exactly ZERO on the truck's digital thermometer.

The heater on high, a window open and oldies on the radio, and the magic lasted for nearly two hours.

On one road, the fog was so thick, the road so remote, I got out of the truck and I stood in the road and just listened to it.  It was just me and the birds, and I thought I heard the sound of spring in their song.  I enjoyed every second of it.  

I have so much thankfulness for these little treasures handed to me, and if I look and I act, I can preserve just SOME of the magic for us to share.


Mary Ann Potter said...

Magical indeed, Joni. How beautiful! I love the photos you share here on your site! Have a blessed and bountiful day!

aimee said...

Beautiful, peaceful, magical... LOVE it!

Holly said...

Y:our photos always make me smile...!
What beauty God has given us, and you capture it so well!

Dar said...

It's been a while since I have done such a thing...thanks for the reminder of how an early morning drive can filled with wonder, can fill your heart all day long.

Judy said...

I love country in the winter. It is quiet, no machinery plowing fields yet, nothing by tree branches creaking with the cold and yet, we know, the sap of life is moving in those branches and soon....soon...they will have their lettuce green color leaves.

Anonymous said...

The pictures and words are beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Beth K.