Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's Talk Strawberries

I bought this decal in a package as well as a red geranium, originally 10 cents, now $2.50, adding a little color to a lingering-a-little-too-long winter.  I love how it looks on my depression glass.  It sits on a little clock shelf in my kitchen.   ;)


Can we talk strawberries?  We have to plant a new patch and I would love to hear your tips, tricks and the type or variety you like.  Although we didn't have any last year, there's still plenty in the freezer!  Yum!


aimee said...

Oh yes, let's talk strawberries because then I can again imagine warm, sunny summer days...

We grow mostly everbearing ones here (Pacific NW)-- some in wine barrel halves and their offspring anywhere they want to plant themselves (LOL). I also love the ones which bear in June---huge, juicy, red (Hoods and Honeoye are favs).

If and when we ever build new raised beds I would plant my berries in them, but meanwhile they appear, for the most part, happy and we are happy with them:)


peggy said...

Two years ago I planted June strawberries and had a bumper crop the first year. Last year hardly any. So if you find out, do you cut off the new shoots, or let them root and take out the mother plant, I would just love to know. Good luck with yours.

Judy said...

Here in Michigan, I only plant June bearers--they are a bit larger and sweeter then everbearing, in my opinion. I cut off the suckers the first two years, then let the suckers grow in between the rows the third fall, in the spring when the new suckers have taken root, rototill out the original plant rows--in two years, let those suckers grow back into the rows the orignal ones were in and on and on. I lay straw down in between the rows.

Judy said...

I forgot--I use to plant only Duncan's, but now I can't find them so just buy June Bearers. Success every year.