Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do You Remember ... 15-cent Hamburgers?

Last week my sister Mary and I took our youngest to the The Henry Ford (Museum in Dearborn, Michigan).  

Now Henry was a smart and industrious man, and he ended up being quite well off, and with some of his money, he left a museum and a village there on the ground near the huge Ford factories--Henry preserved the history of the industrial revolution for all of us to see. 

It's a great place to visit, you could spend days seeing it all.  Greenfield Village is also gorgeous and very full of interesting buildings like Thomas Edison's laboratory, the Wright Brother's home, and is on the same campus.

I would one day like to do just that: spend days there to see it all, because I still haven't seen it all yet, and I have lived in Michigan my whole dang life!

Anyway, Henry had this big old museum built, it's a gorgeous and historical building in a beautiful setting...a great place to visit and it's all about the vehicle.  

Henry bought up and brought to the site all kinds of neat old things that have to do with the car and the road.

It basically shows you the birth of the vehicle up through the expansion of the highway system and the wonderful things that popped up along the roadside with the growth and popularity of the automobile.

So while we are meandering through, we see the GOLDEN ARCHES.  And boy did that bring back memories.

We sounded like old farts, telling our kids about only drive up service, no sit down tables inside...

And, the most astounding thing of all?  Yes, it was hamburgers for what, maybe fifteen cents apiece?  

I remember this because my dad would pull up and order thirty of them, there were nine kids in my family!  We'd have to share fries, but us girls could eat a couple hamburgers each, three each for the boys.  

We shared a few fries out of one bag, and a small orange pop with a sibling or two.  We didn't have a lot of choices, life was simple then, man!  But it was really a treat, it didn't happen often.  In fact, I never ate in a sit-down restaurant until I was in my teens with our church youth group!

How about you?  
What are YOUR memories of McDonald's ...
in the EARLY DAYS?


Echoes From the Hill said...

I do remember that! I also remember White Castle hamburgers that were about a dime each. My father would buy a dozen of them and bring them home, when I was a little girl. It was such a treat!

Patti said...

I live on the east side of Michigan, and The Henry Ford Museum and Village are a must go to when we have out of town guests. Try to go back in October when they have trick or treating in the village. It's just not for children and the village is quite a different experience in the dark! Did you go through the factory tour and see the F-150 trucks being built?
As for the hamburgers, my mom disliked fast food. I finally had a hamburger when I was in high school and out with my friends. It was home cooking for us all the time.

Kristy said...

I remember going on vacations and sitting in the back of the station wagon and saying Dad, I smell something do you smell that Dad? What do you smell Kristy? McDonalds french fries. We did this on every road trip and Dad would pull in and get me fries. Bless his 89 year old heart he just asked me that last Saturday when we passed a McDonalds. Do you smell something Kristy?

Jaybird said...

I don't remember McD's, we had Krystal burgers, but I DID get to tour Greenfield Village a few years ago......WOWOW it was wonderful!! I have some cool pictures that I took that day....I will have to dig them out and emjoy it all over again.
Thanks for a GREAT memory!!