Friday, August 24, 2012

Are You Ready? R & R!

For a patriotic gal who loves the country, barns and back roads, there was nothin' better for me than to go out to a beautiful orchard to see the Romney/Ryan rally!

The setting was gorgeous, the day was beautiful and the sun was shining...

They were serving roasted corn on the cob...and we were in rows and rows of apple trees to park...

I don't think the GOVERNMENT planted those apple trees!!

Tons of Great Americans showed up...

And the crowd went wild for Ryan and Romney!

Enthusiasm was HIGH!! 

I don't know who wrote this...but it's so good, I had to share.

(edited to add:  I received this in email, and have, since publishing this, found the author of this piece:  it is from the author here Lost in America -- that is where the credit for this piece should go.)

Congressman Paul Ryan, Republican from Wisconsin, is Mitt Romney's pick for the next Vice
President of The United States.

What are we to think of this selection?  He's not a graduate of Columbia
University.  He's not a graduate of Harvard.  He wasn't selected as the
President of the Harvard Law Review.  He didn't get a special free quota
scholarship ride to any prestigious university and, instead, had to work his
way through Miami University of Ohio.  The man drove the Oscar Mayer Wiener
Truck one summer and waited tables another!

One morning when Paul Ryan was sixteen years old he went in to wake his
father up and found him dead of a heart attack.  He didn't write two books
about that experience.  Instead, he assumed the role of adult at an early
age, never having the luxury to pursue youthful drug use and the art of
socialist revolution.

Instead, Paul Ryan and his mother took his grandmother, suffering from
Alzheimers, into the household and served as the primary care provider for
his grandma.  His grandma wasn't the Vice President of the Bank of Hawaii so
she could offer nothing in return, except the element of "need".

Once Paul Ryan got his BA in Economics from Miami University of Ohio he was
hired as a staff economist in Wisconsin Senator Kastin's office.  The job
must have not paid well because young Ryan moonlighted as a waiter and
fitness trainer.  No one offered him a "token honor" position at the
University of Chicago and a $200,000 dollar a year salary.

When a still young Paul Ryan returned to Wisconsin to run for Congress he
didn't demonize his opponent and dig up dirt to shovel against him.  He
waited until the standing Congressman vacated the office before seeking the
office.   In Janesville, Wisconsin they don't have a big political machine
to promote you, to criminalize your opponent; instead Paul Ryan had to go
door to door and sit at kitchen tables and listen to his future constituents.

After getting elected to Congress Paul Ryan didn't triumphantly march into
Washington, buy himself a Georgetown townhouse and proceed over to K Street
to rub elbows with lobbyists.  He bunked in his Congressional office and
used the house gym for showers and a fresh change of clothes.

Paul Ryan then married and took his bride back to Janesville.  He lives on
the same street he lived on as a kid and shares the neighborhood with eight
other members of the Ryan clan.  He hunts with the local Janesville hunt
club and attends PTA meetings and other civic functions.

For those who can't make those public functions, Paul Ryan bought an old
bread truck, converted it into a "mobile constituent office" and drives
around to meet with those who need his help and attention.

No, I don't know if we can vote for a guy like this.  He doesn't have a
regal pedigree; he's Irish!!!!  No one awarded him a Nobel Peace Prize two
months after getting elected.  No one threw flowers or got "chills down
their leg" as  he took his seat in Congress.

What is most despicable about Paul Ryan is that he has had the nerve to
write the House Budget for three years in a row.  He's is brazen and
heartless in advocating in that budget for a $5 trillion dollar reduction in
federal spending over the next ten years!  The House passed his budget three
years in a row and three years in a row the Democratically controlled Senate
has let it die in the upper house, without ever proposing a budget of their

What is wrong with this guy? 

If Congress were to cut $5 trillion dollars from the budget where would 
the President get the money to give $500 million dollars to a bankrupt Solyndra?  

Or $200 million dollars for bankrupt Energy 1?  Or $11 billion dollars to illegal aliens filing INIT,
non-resident tax returns to claim $11 billion big ones in child tax credits, even for their children living in Mexico?

I don't know.  Paul Ryan seems heartless to me.  He keeps wanting to cut
government waste, he keeps wanting to put a halt to those big GSA
conventions in Vegas and, worse, he keeps trying to make people look at that
$15.7 trillion dollar deficit!  The guy's no fun at all!

Who wants a numbers cruncher?  Who wants someone spoiling the party by
showing folks the bill?  Nothing will spoil a party quicker than sending the
host the bill before the party's over.

Party Hearty folks!  At least until November.

A team that is willing to work hard to get the job done!

Lots of paparazzi showed up...

"Let's Make America Great Again!"

--Ronald Wilson Reagan

(Go here for video of that ad.)

The crowds were large, I worked at this event on the line and scanning entry tickets from 8 a.m. until noon or so as a volunteer, then once the candidates took the stage, they shut down the entry lines and we went in to listen.  

Traffic and people POURED in from all directions to this little country orchard from 8-noon.  There were cars and people, press, emergency workers, police, news helicopters, constant movement, people in a steady stream coming from every direction.

It was very well organized and flowed well.

I was encouraged, I think the people will make sure America becomes great again.  Attitudes were positive and cheerful, hopeful and smiling, polite and considerate; in a word, KIND.  

The only grouch I met in the crowd was one very ornery man who made it clear he was there to spy on the "opposition" and he stood at the gate yelling at people.  

(I am sure he was very effective with that tactic.)

I would have to say if he were honest with himself, he had to be impressed with the nice big crowd of people he saw.  

And you know how they say that there are ZERO percent blacks that are for Romney and Ryan?  They are wrong, I saw a whole group of black conservatives proudly standing with them.

Don't believe what your pollsters tell you.  This is what you do: believe what your EYES tell you and what your EARS tell you.

This is 1980 all over again, only bigger.

This R & R on the spot reporting is ...

Brought to your courtesy your dyed in the wool-- 
gun and Bible-loving bitter-clinger friend,


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I am soooo happy to see this, thanks for the great news!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Judy said...

I sure hope they win and can help our country recover from the last 4 horrible years!!!

Meadowcreek said...

This is so encouraging! Wouldn't it be great to have another Reagan-type landslide election in November?

Mary Ann Potter said...

I got so blessed seeing these photos and reading this commentary! God has heard the cries of His people. We are about to witness a supernatural, historic miracle. These are exciting times.

Anonymous said...

I love your website!

Anonymous said...

You are a true patriot Joni. I am so happy to see this friendly, huge crowd that truly cares for America. Lovely comparison of Mr. Ryans life. Praying for a revival in America and more and more people will help turn America back to God and a landslide for R&R.

Pedro said...

Thank you for Sharing!! I was born and raised in Lorain, Ohio and got an all expense trip to Texas after high school courtesy of the United States Air Force. I still live in Texas but I always wanted to spend time in Ohio during the Summer once I retire from my civilian job. I love the Ohio countryside and farms!!! I hope Ohio sends Romney/Ryan to Washington in Nov!!!

mary your sis said...

Paul Ryan sounds like good people to me! Thanks for the post and sharing your beautiful photo's. But, most of all, thanks for being a hard-working, volunteering patriot!!!

trump said...

Some great shots of our next president and vice president! Richard

Anonymous said...

God Bless The U.S.A. !!!!!

Simple Pleasures said...

What awesome pictures and being able to be part of that experience. I hope you will stop by and enter my Amish giveaway. Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

in Virginia. . .This is such a blessing to read. Here in Charlottesville, the Prez will be here on Wednesday. He wanted to speak at Univ Of Va but was turned down because the UVa Pres said it would be too disruptive on just the 2nd day of classes and the univ would have to pay for the extra security. Now he's gonna speak downtown and they're having a hard time giving all the tickets away. This is completely opposite from 4 yrs ago. I love it! Keep up the good work Joni

Anonymous said...

Joni, Thanks for the uplifting report! I too hope that this is a landslide and we can save this great country of ours. God Bless