Thursday, August 23, 2012

At the Edge of the Water...

There is a certain way being next to the water leaves you feeling.

The repetitive motion of the water and the lullaby of the waves is hypnotizing.

It's like a welcome home...this scenery is here every single day in some form, but I am not.

I relish my chance once a summer to see it, to smell it, to hear it, to enjoy it with my senses.

If it's summer, I need to make my way to one of the Great Lakes and smell it, see it, hear it, dip my toes in, even if it is cold.

Here, the sense of how small I am is overwhelming.

It's a favorite spot, slightly lonesome, just as we like it.  We are thankful we can go.  I know you probably have a spot like that, too.

This year, for our shooting weekend, Luke had his own camera and we shared our extra lenses.  

I enjoyed watching him find the photos to take, and today I am sharing with you his photos; I have enough to last several days...

He is good, and I found he has a creative streak when he shoots.

It's always a good day when you can relax with sand between your toes and your face just a little bit pink from being in the wind all afternoon.

Let's all resolve to cherish the good things left of summer--while we can!

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aimee said...

Beautiful photos Joni and son! I am always amazed at how much your Great Lakes beaches look like our ocean beaches!
Thanks for sharing.