Thursday, August 9, 2012

Color at the County Fair!

The craft barn is a favorite and the 4-H entries such as these are a work of art!

A beautiful showing of purple in the zinnia display, a color I haven't ever had.  

Perfectly scrappy and just like I want my quilts, this was in the craft barn, they are all displayed from the rafters.

An entry with four holidays beautifully.

A couple paintings that evoke a country feeling.

My favorite breed and color...captured all these photos with my old iPhone 4.

The only thing on my mind on the way home from the fair is a wonderful feeling of joy; and here's why.

A county fair is joyful simply from the formal recognition of the really, truly good things in life.

It's the happy sound of summer in the country, kids riding on the fair rides, moms and dads visiting with each other as they wait for their kids to come down the ramp when they're done.  Something time will not change.  That's a comfort.

The look on the face of a beautiful nine-year old with big brown eyes and wearing her barn boots, proud as she can be of her calf, asking me if I'd like to come up and pet her.  

The pride in a little boy's face as he leads his pig to the show barn, his dad's face beaming as well as he follows his son down the path--farming extends generations and for that I am so thankful.

On the way home, with a full tummy from the glorious elephant ear I just ate along with a cold pint of milk mixes perfectly with the sound of the crickets, the clouds moving across the moon over me, the smell of a damp field of alfalfa...a satisfaction like none other.

Life is good because of farmers.  


mary your sis said...

Country fairs are a celebration of farm & country life. We need to show our appreciation to farmers more often. So many kids grow up in the city and think a steak is made in the grocers aisle. When we grew up we went to farms of family friends and on occasion, we went to local farms on field trips. We need to educate our kids on the tough work these people do and the big risks the farmers take on. Thanks for sharing the photo's. Looks like you had a great time at the county fair!

Deanna said...

fantastic fair and your pictures are great.
really like the beautiful cow!

Sunny Simple Life said...

What's a elephant ear? Sounds like a wonderful place to live.

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Thanks for sharing fair photos. I love fairs but haven't been to one in awhile. Yes, we need our farmers, more than people know! Take care, my friend!

Tammy B. said...

I entered my apple butter and quilt I did by hand in the fair this year and won 1st place on the apple butter and premium choice award on my quilt. It's the first time I have ever entered anything before and so excited. I love fairs can't wait for them to come every year. I love to walk through and see all the animals and talk to the kids about there animals. So much fun. Hugs to your family.

Anonymous said...

So true!! Life is good because of farmers!I too, love the fiars for all the same reasons you mentioned, the different smaell, colours and noises..just perfect.
luv Ann xx

Earlene said...

Great pictures and I want an elephant ear....only time I eat one is fair time.

aimee said...

I LOVE county fairs and have one on my list of things to do before summer ends and autumn arrives!
Loved the post you did on Frankenmuth--I especially enjoyed your photos of the town's covered bridge. I can't get enough of these historic them:)