Friday, July 20, 2012

Vintage Finds: An Old Yam Jar

I went antiquing with a friend the other day.

I found a couple things, and this is one. 
I thought you might like to see it.  

So cute!
(I thought so anyway!)

When I find something like this that is in such perfect pristine condition, 
I just want to know, 
HOW did it get so old and yet stay so perfect?

Someone took really good care of this jar.
Did she keep her change in it, in the closet?
Was it set aside with some yarn in her sewing room?

For years it sat somewhere and it waited for me.

And then, it came to a store, and I got to buy it.

I paid $3. 

I like old jars with painted tin lids.
And this label is just too adorable.

(And did you notice, it says USA over in the corner?)

Now it's up overhead in the kitchen keeping watch over the chickens and the little yeller windmill.  

It's all the right colors and it's cheerful and reminds me so much of my friend Alabama friend, and fellow blogger, Sandie.  

 Go take a look: she's the MASTER at putting together beautiful little displays in her home with found items like this.  (She needs to come to Michigan and set my house right!)  

This post is of something she found while her, and her friend Angie and I were antiquing in Alabama a couple of weeks ago!  Love this little special find she got!

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Sandie said...

Love that jar! And the sweet comments! That wind mill is so precious! One day me and ole Angie might just journey up your way! Wouldn't that be fun! See ya! ;)