Monday, July 30, 2012

Is It Monday Again? Newsy News

What a summer it has been!  
And yet...

I started out shortly after Luke got out of school by going south to get my daughter and the grandbabies to bring them back here for a two week visit.  I stayed a week when I went, stayed a week when I took her back, and in between we put 4000 miles on the Suburban and it was a month later when I got back home again!

But what fun!  I had a whole month with the babies and enjoyed all of it.  :-) 

Earlier this spring Lem had surgery and we've had a few follow-up appointments with that, too.  One last week, another this week for the results of yet another MRI.

The neurosurgeon says that pituitary tumors can grow back so we are glad he's keeping an eye on it for us.

And I had my turn at surgery last week.  I had a couple issues going on and needed a D&C and a removal of a uterine polyp.  

Pathology will be back and I go in on Friday for a follow-up on that.

I hope we'll get a little vacation in sometime during August. :-)

I can hardly believe July is about to be over.  I love July.  It's such a good month, the more carefree days of for those of us in the northern states.  The garden is in and already growing, but it's not quite yet time to can tomatoes or corn...

Best of all, the fireflies are flitting about in the you have fireflies where you live?


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and seeing pics from your state. Beautiful! Here in Oregon we do not have fireflies. My first time seeing them was when I went east to Pennsylvania - just a few years ago! Very cool! I wish we had them! Glad you could fine to spend with the grands - they are special, aren't they? I agree, July is a great month! Right in the middle! Thanks for sharing, Linda G. at rgranch

aimee said...

Hi, Joni~
You have had a busy, busy summer! I am hoping there are no more medical concerns for you and your hubby and the remainder of the summer is peaceful.
Here, in the Pacific NW, we have no fireflies (sob!) and I am very jealous of anyone who has them because I would love to see them in person. Enjoy them:)