Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back Road Beauty: At The End of the Day

"Take the back roads instead of highways."
- Minnie Pearl

At the end of the day, you glance west and see something extra gorgeous, and you just have to jump in the truck and take a ride.

I especially like it when my driver (my husband of 31 years today!) wants to go and then I can just roll down the window and shoot.

Not too far from me sits an old pair of gigantic abandoned barns.  They're so lonesome looking they break my heart. Their house is gone, and their family long gone, but the land is still farmed.  

One day I'm going to drive by only to discover they've been blown down in some of the gigantic winds we get out here.  

But while they're here, I photograph them in any season, because they're just something else.

And they've never looked better than lately, when they appear in front of a dazzling sunset.

And the silhouette that pleases the eye, is sweetly scented with the smells of evening, of the earth, of the crops that are growing, and...

The freshly cut wheat fields nearby...

And you realize that time changes some things, because it must.

But if I concentrate on too much of what was...

I might not see, hear, or smell...

What IS...

At the end of the day.


Linda said...

Happy Anniversary...have a wonderful and blessed day! Your images of the sunset and old barns are breathtaking....Love them!

Echoes From the Hill said...

Happy anniversary!
Your photos are gorgeous!

Chasity said...

Happy Anniversary! Loved the photos of the barns! :)

aimee said...

Dear Joni~
Wishing you both a very blessed anniversary today--may you have many more happy years together!
God bless,

Pauline said...

Joni, I love that too - photographing old barns around here (in Kansas!) Yes, they certainly DO have a unique beauty - looove to capture it to keep forever, while they are still around. Sometimes I wonder what stories they could tell of the families who lived there, and all their hard work.

And . . . Happy Anniversary!! Have a wonderful day celebrating!

Susie said...

Really so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Candy said...

Hopefully before the winds blow them away, someone will restore the old barns. Your pics are gorgeous.
I saw you over at Steadman's Corner and thought I'd come take a look. Im now following you. Please come visit me at THANKS. 8-)

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hello from Missouri! I love your sunset photos, they are really beautiful. I love drive-by shooting too!
You have a wonderful blog and I'm signing up as your newest follower! I love all kinds of blogs, but particularly those a little bit country. I live a simple life also and we live on the edge of town with 6 acres with our furbabies.
I'll be back to see more of your lovely blog!

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Happy Anniversary, Joni! Ours is tomorrow!...You take the most awesome pictures, you should have a book done of all your pictures!

Bear Hugs~Karen