Sunday, July 15, 2012

Simple Sundays: Country Beauties

Some country beauty...seen on our neighbor's farm here is our neighbor girl Sumer riding at sunset.  I asked her to stop when I saw the sunbeams lighting up her horse.  Sumer is a beautiful girl and she rides Mac, what a pair!

Thanks, Sumer, for letting me take your picture!

The sunsets lately where I live have been remarkable!  


Sunny Simple Life said...

How gorgeous. What a sight to see and on a regular basis. So pretty. I recvd. my baskets. Thanks. I am surprising the family with dinner in them one night this week. I was so excited there were six of them. Just enough for all of us.

Simple Pleasures said...

Oh Joni, that is just beautiful!

trump said...

I love most inages when the sun is involved! Richard