Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunny Summer Days

Summer is...Simple.  

Strap marks on your backside when you get up from a lawn chair.

Hot dogs on the grill, the simplest, best tasting supper, especially when burnt just a little.

Fireflies at twilight.

Crickets you listen to from the porch.

A frog hopping under the plants as you water your flowers.

Watching the sun reflect in the water, enjoying the bright flashes as the ripples move through it.

Fresh laundry flapping in the wind.

The almost silent swoosh of a curtain as it blows out, then falls again to the window.

Sloshing through the water from the hose and suds flying as you wash the car.

The smell of summer on a cool evening after a hot, sunny day.

The beauty of a tomato plant with promises of what's to come hanging from it.

The peony waving in the wind.

The sound of the hoe in the dirt.

Flip flops on sand.

A picnic on a quilt.

The smell before a thunderstorm.

Kids blowing bubbles and giggles chasing them.

Watching a classic car drive by.


The sound of the crowd as the fireworks begin.



Anything you'd like to add?


Unknown said...

Sweet fragrances from the gardens ...

Great write.
Have a beautiful week Joni

Mary Ann Potter said...

The quiet of the afternoon, punctuated occasionally by the crowing of my roosters.

Bright marigolds.

Hearing the night noises through open windows.

Penny said...

You've covered just about everything that is wonderful about summer!
I sure do enjoy a summer evening thunderstorm, after a bright and sunny day spent outdoors!! Love the cozy feel of it, and listening to the rain on the roof....
Thanks for this nice post!

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I would say, don't forget the juice, from a watermelon, running down your chin as you bite into a slice! Love the dish towels on the line, my favorite is the red and white one! Have a great week.

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Echoes From the Hill said...

Sitting on the porch swing, watching the sun rise or set.

Julie Hinds said...

the sound of kids playing outside, the ice cream truck music, licking an ice cream cone, beach days, "summer" food, one memory I have from a child is spending Sun. afternoon at Grandmas house and we'd all have to take a nap or at least rest while the grownups relaxed. We kids would spread out in the front room of the house and it had lots of open windows. The sounds of the curtains moving and fluttering things in the room and the sound of an old small electric fan turning back and forth, I can still hear all those sounds!

Jaybird said...

The mockingbird and the cicadas in chorus :^)
Thanks for a great post!