Monday, June 4, 2012

So Fair...

Oh, what is so fair as a day in June?

Not much, that I can think of!

This month has, so far, been cooler than normal.  Yet, still the color bursts forth from everywhere that I look;  from the bluest of skies, and the puffy white clouds, to the green carpet of grass below my feet. 

There are peonies, clematis, and there are garden seeds bursting from the good ground, strawberries and raspberries forming tiny berries, all the beginnings of a wonderful process that gives us food from a little patch of dirt we tend to and can care for, healing our minds and spirits as we do, rewarding diligence while it feeds our bodies.

What is so fair?

Not much.

Enjoy some photos I snapped with my iPhone while I was on the mower today.

As the sheets flapped in the breeze on the clothesline nearby, I had the pleasure of taking passes past scenes like this one, no one can beat me when it comes to getting on the mower in the spring time.  What a joy!

Peonies never cease to amaze, although they come out and show themselves each June, still have the delicate beauty that is fleeting, and the scent to make me swoon--we must enjoy because we know it doesn't last long.

A bud or two naturally must come in with me to be placed into a small vintage pop have time to open and impress us again with ruffled layers of bright pink.

June is new, fresh life with a softness that comes to reward us for making it through yet another winter, June is a blush on a bride, and a breeze to the graduate, blowing them to new adventures and a new life...a pleasure to behold for just thirty days in the year.


Granni's lil Corner said...

Oh me oh my, such beautiful flowers to be sure. You've captured their absolute perfection. I just recently planted my first two peonies, and have the birth of one gorgeous bloom do smells so good. Your blog is such a treasure to read.

mary your sis said...

Your peopnies are gorgeous! You've captured what I love about Spring as well. said...

As beautiful as the Peonies are (and they ARE!), the clouds you captured in the last photo are just as BEAUTIFUL. I'm such a hopelessly devoted sky/cloud watcher. Maybe I just like looking UPWARDS!? In homes and other buildings (churches, courthouses, etc.), I find myself looking at the ceilings AND quite often taking pictures of what I see 'up there'. (But!, I have YET to take a picture of any ceilings in a private home, but I can't say I didn't 'think of it'. LOL!)