Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Farmhouse Diner Drawing!

I have two sets of these diner baskets in sets of six I found one day while shopping with my sister, Pam, at TJ Maxx. 

I'd like to have you enter to win, if you don't already have a set!  They are fun to use, and I use them on sandwich night when we have a sandwich and chips or sandwich and fries.  I just line the basket with a paper towel.  

Clean-up is simple and kids love it!

They are so cheerful, sunny yellow and bright red!  Now don't you think you need a set?!  

Leave your name and MAKE SURE you're a follower, and that I have your email address so I can let you know that you won!  

The DRAWING will take place on Tuesday, June 19!

There will be TWO WINNERS!


Unknown said...

G'morn, Joni ... welllll, I'll go first & let someone win, as first is always last to win. Chuckle.

They are darling & so remember them from the 50s.

Have a beautiful day ~

Erin said...

Cute, cute, please enter me.


Mary Ann Potter said...

Oh, how cute! I'd love to win.

Here's my e mail address:


Chasity said...

Very cute! I would love to win, please enter me as well.


Connie said...

How cool! I'd love to be entered. My grandkids would love eating from baskets!


Boyett-Brinkley said...

Such a great idea! Please enter me. I think I might have to visit TJMaxx!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Those are so cute. Sign me up. My kids would love them.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Oh I love these.Remind me of the old drive through/car hops.Count me in.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Becky said...

Joni,these baskets really take me back.
I would love to be entered in your drawing.
Thank you so much.Blessings,Becky

Echoes From the Hill said...

I remember these! Please sign me up for a bit of nostalgia.

Penny said...

Hi Joni! Thanks for the opportunity to win a set of these diner baskets!! Love them!

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

These are awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win these, please enter me. You should have my email address.
Have a great week, Joni. :)

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Carissa said...

Cute please enter me. I am a follower


Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I don't have any of these fun baskets yet Joni! I'd love to get some, I'm sure I'll be making a trip even if I'm not a winner. What a great way to entertain informally!

Becky said...

joni,I forgot to leave my e-mail.

Anonymous said...

great, thanx


Susan said...

I would love to win the baskets. I think my grandkids would enjoy eating from them.

Judy said...

What a neat giveaway, I don't have any and tho I know the grand kids would get a kick out of having a meal in those cute baskets, I would too :))

~Christine~ said...

Way cute! The kids (and I) would love using the these! Looking forward to winning. :)



Tammy said...

Hi Joni, I remember using these baskets when I was little. My mom used to serve us sandwishes in them we thought it was like going out to eat Haven't seen them in a long time. Would love to win a set. Brings back memories. My e-mail is mabear22001@yahoo.com have a great day.

imsteelefullofscrap said...

Would love to be entered in the giveaway thank you

Angela said...

How adorable! Would love to win! Angela

Ruffles and Relics said...

Aww. Takes me back to childhood:} Would love to be entered.. Thank You!

Kristy said...

Please enter me the kids and Momma would love 'em. Thanks Kristy

Kristy said...

Please enter me the kids and Momma would love 'em. Thanks Kristy

Cooking Up Faith said...

I'd love to enter! I just became a follower and my e-mail address is cookingupfaith@satx.rr.com. Thanks! :)

Tanya said...

Hey Joni,
I would loooovvvveeee to be entered in your fun giveaway! How adorable are they! Thanks for the chance!

Patti said...

I do remember those baskets when I was a kid. We would go to a fish fry place, because my mom thought you could smell fish for days if she fried it in the house. Nice memories. I hope I win, and thanks for the give a way!

Mabel Jane's said...

Brings back memories when I was a little girl going to the A&W Rootbeer stand...would love to be entered in your drawing. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie Kay said...

So cute and so sweet just like your blog. Thank you for entering my name.

Debbie Kay

Anonymous said...

Hi, Joni! Those baskets are adorable, and I would love to win them! I would use them with the grandbabies on picnic days!
Please enter me ~ Debbie Myers

Have an awesome day! (I know you are, since you are visiting with the grandchildren!)

Julie Hinds said...

I know I'm too late but wanted to say that you can buy cute liners for these baskets at Meijers and Walmart. I hope they have the baskets again, they are cute and I don't have any. djjhmdhinds@juno.com