Friday, June 15, 2012

His Paintings...

I feel like the evening sky is a painting, done just for those who will see it, really look, and enjoy it.  

It's a spectacular window into the studio God uses, painting with His invisible hand,  right in front of our human eyes.  

It's simply stunning, no matter how many times you've seen it. Changing over a matter of just minutes.  

Silently, subtly, before you can catch your breath, the sun has sunk into the roundness of the earth.  Leaving behind shades and shadows of glory.

Doesn't He do the best work?


aimee said...

I love sunsets too Joni. Often I will stop whatever I am doing to watch it. GREAT sunset photos!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunsets..Sadly, most of us probably just take it all for granted.
I must admit, i go outside to have a look at our beautiful sunsets, it it Mother Nature's gift to us all.
luv Ann xx

Anonymous said...

Amen, Joni!
And every one is different, every day. I try to keep an eye out for them each day.
Truly a daily gift.

Patty said...

God is the Master Artist. I sat on my porch this morning and watched a gorgeous sunrise! Have a blessed day! Patty