Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vintage Finds: Old Rag Rug

Like my new old rug?  Ain't it purty?

Well, it wasn't pretty when I bought it!

It was just a dirty, little pathetic rag rug thrown under the table at the antique mall.  I saw the corner of it, picked it up and examined the colors in it.  I loved them: yellows, soft blues, some red, and of course white,  among others.  It was also still tightly woven, no worn areas and no holes, but still retained a lovely, nubby texture.  

I can just picture some little granny saving up old clothing and scraps from quilting to make into rugs on her loom.  I can appreciate all that hard work involved in cutting the strips, and the saving and forethought necessary to make something out of castaways.

It just needed to be brought home and shown a little TLC.  I don't understand exactly why they're not washed before the price tag is put on...because if customers could have seen this one clean, they could have gotten twice the price.  I saw three that day and they all were unwashed.

I like it because it's bright, cheery colors are just what my kitchen needed.

Once it got washed and then dried on the line, it was softer than soft, the colors appeared to be much brighter and it made my heart sing.

And my tootsies enjoy it while I do the dishes.

I don't know why, but a rag rug, to me, is a must-have for my kitchen.  It says cozy,comfort, it says home.

Do you like rag rugs, too?


Mary said...

What a great find! I do love rag rugs, but don't currently have any in the house because the dogs have a tendency to slip on them.

Angela said...

Bet your heart skipped when you found your treasured rug. Love the colors. I run across one at a great price once in a while. Right now, I don't have one. Love the feel of a good rug under foot. Have a great day.

Cindy said...

Love them.One of my blogging friends has several looms.You can contact her for her rugs...or if you send her the tshirts...she will make you your own custom rug.After her son died...and not knowing what to do with all his t-shirts....she made them into rugs and pillows.She says it gives her such comfort to look at them.
I need to keep my eyes open for under the table items.You always find such neet stuff.

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Joni,

What is a country house without rag rugs ! ?

I have a big one under my dining room table, a smaller big one under the breakfast room table, three in my kitchen by the stove, sink and at the cellar door, and by the patio door ...

On the fourth photo down on my second post on my blog, you can take a peek at the rag rug under my dining table. It is not homemade though, it came from pier one.

You found a really pretty rug under that table ! Amazing what a little soap and water can do !


Susan said...

I love rag rugs as well as the ones you use strips of fabric and crochet together. Have them all over my house.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I LOVE old rag rugs! It's such a joy to find a good one!!! We grew up using them all over the place... especially at the sink and in cars during the winter to protect the floor mats - still do it!
Thanks for your kind words about my sister's shower!
Parisienne Farmgirl

~Christine~ said...

Rag rugs are the best!

Joy said...

I love rag rugs, especially yours. great colors. It reminds me of one I had--don't know what I ever did with it and now, I'm wondering where I can find some more. Oh, I see here that 'Cindy' might have a connection for rag rugs... I'm off to Cindy's place!

Julie Hinds said...

Joni, once again we like he same thing! I have a huge one in front of my sink, don't know if it's old, may be because it was 2nd hand. I love how no two are alike!

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Love them! Hoping to find something like that for my craft room! I'm thinking about crocheting one, though. Thinking is the key word! LOL!