Friday, April 8, 2011

Should I Blame Blogger or Picasa?

A big raspberry to my beloved Picasa or to BLOGGER....I just can't figure out where the problem lies.  

I always used to upload photos from my digital memory card to Picasa, then I'd edit them, then used their "BLOG THIS" button feature to upload to Blogger.  

It made choosing photos much more simple and easier to construct the story I would tell with those photos using this feature.

I have checked my capacity for photo storage, and I am not exceeding it...unless there's something I don't know about capacity?!

For about ten days, NONE of my pictures that I upload straight from Picasa will show up.  The cumbersome nature of uploading from files on the computer will not allow me to post all the good stuff I have to show you.  

This hassle has made blogging more of a pain than the joy it once was!  I can't believe how frustrating it can be!

We went to some awesome places in Alabama yesterday, and as soon as I can figure out the problem I'll show you all these beautiful photos I shot...  

If any of you can help a girl out, I'd be happy to know your solution.  I have not used Internet Explorer in over a year, have even changed browsers from Mozilla Firefox to Google's own CHROME version.  Still won't let Picasa load my photos directly to my blog.

In the last week, I've noticed this is a problem on other blogs, also. 


Laura said...

That's weird. I haven't had the problem since I switched to Mozilla Firefox. I haven't started using Picasa (was thinking about it), but hadn't heard of problems that way. Hope it gets resolved soon. I always look forward to your pictures!

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Joni,

You could try deleting some of your prior posts that have photos.

I have heard of a blog on here that had to buy more space from blogger ? to add photos to her blog posts.

A couple of years ago I had a glitch in my blog and had to make a new blog. The glitch did not update my new posts on other folks' blogs ( on their favorite blogs link )

Hope you get it resolved ! I loved the photos from yesterday and I really miss the south in the springtime !


Cheryl Ann said...

You might need to buy more space from Google. It's $20 a year. I have 8 blogs connected to one email, so I do that. I had that problem, too, but figured out that I was out of space, and I was.

Donna said...

I use Microsoft's free Live Writer. Been using it exclusively since last summer. I let it upload everyday photos into Picasa for my blog posts. For finer photos, I upload them to flickr first, and then do web links in my Live Writer drafts. I was having so many problems with the blogger editor that I have just kicked it to the curb. If I ever change to a Mac, I won't be able to use Live Writer, but will buy a interface program before I got back to the blogger editor again.

If you want to keep using the blogger editor, try loading up some pictures on Photobucket and flickr and do web links and see if they work.

Penny said...

I'm sorry I can't help with your blog problem -- I know nothing about computers! (just how to email, IM, and shop!)
But....... OH, that little FACE!!! How adorable is he?!

Joy said...

I've also heard that you may have to delete some photos to make room for more. Actually, I don't know why our photo even need to be sent to Picasa anyway...I didn't ask for it. Hope you get things fixed. I do enjoy your photos. Blogging can be frustrating at times! I just learned how to block a follower that had a sleezy web site. Yech!