Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shadow Shots: Don't Shoot Me!

Oh, it's hard to be a blogger in winter.

Hard to be a blogger in winter.

The days are long and some are dark, very dark.

And there's not much goin' on in the outdoors.

And I haven't seen my grandson in months!

Just more snow, and more ice.

And I know I've worn you out on snow and ice.

And back roads.

And barns in snow.

And frost.

And hoarfrost.  (There is a difference, you know!)

And I'm pretty sure I'm about to hear you scream and pull your hair out.

Because you're saying...



Well.  Don't click away to the next blog in the Magical Kingdom of the World Wide Web of Wonderful-ness just yet...

I gots some 'splainin' to do!

It could be because...

I haven't been anywhere to take pictures but basketball games (two or three a week!) to the mall to walk, the grocery store, and to church.

And those photos are no fun, I can assure you.  

Rule out the grocery store and the mall (I do six miles in a hour and twenty minutes and that leaves no time, I can assure you, for pictures or for a five-pound camera bouncing along on my....oh, nevermind!)

Come to think of it, I've never taken the Rebel to church.  (Although...Rebels really should go.)

I wonder how pastor would like it if I whipped it out mid-sermon --for an action shot just when he's pounding the pulpit?

(Have I ever told you that I think it's most helpful to have a preacher that's passionate enough to pound the pulpit once in a while?  I do believe that, strongly.  I mean the sleepers need to wake UP!  But I digress.)

Okay!  Tear your hair out, scream!  It's alright.

I take shadow shots because they make me feel...





As in:  I want to curl up in a quilt and sleep right there in that sunshine.  And let the sun bake me for just a bit.

To well-done.

Oh.  See what I told you about cozy?

And warm?

Are you feelin' it, too?

The cozy?
The contentment?
The serenity?

Well, I hope so, honey because there sure isn't much goin' on this time of year.  Spring is so close, and YET...

...SO FAR!

Shadow shots will have to do for today, okay?


Tap, tap.


This thing on?

Yoo hoo!





Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

LOL! I loved the shadow shots...that's all I got here, too. ;)

Cheryl Ann said...

I loved your shadow shots, too! We have plenty of sunshine. And, in the summer, so much sunshine, I spend most of the day inside! I think I'll look for shadow shots then!

Ali said...

OK!!! =D
I love the shadow shots! And I haven't been anywhere but to church, the drs. office and to the grocery since I have been without a vehicle ALL WINTER! Its time for hubby to get me a new truck because I am gonna have to get out soon...thankfully the weather will be getting nicer and we will be able to go outside!

Dar said...

How the cabin fever has been hitting all of us so winter-bound. Shadow shots always content an ol soul. I love them, and you have some wonderful ones. That gorgeous, an oldie but goodie.
Love the chair shadow, and the lamp.
have a great indoors day.

★Carol★ said...

I happen to enjoy every single one of your shadow shots, and I'm SO glad you're not taking shots at the mall! Because there's nothing I want to see there. Spring will be here before you know it, and I can't wait to see how you're going to be decorating your porch!

Anonymous said...

I love sunbeams. I gravitate towards them, and my grown children remember me sitting in them on cold days and relishing in being bathed by the "SON". Jesus proclaims he is the Light. I praise Him for those ordinary days
that come as the seasons linger. He blessed you with motherhood, now grandmotherhood. Distance probably allows your daughter to develop her fullness as a parent. You are an amazing woman!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Hi Joni,
LOVED all of the peeks...your woodwork is gorgeous! I think we're all getting a bit stir-crazy...spring we are READY!
THANKS for the congratulations...I *love* being a grandma!

Laura said...

I've been hibernating. The only big outing I've had (besides general errands) was my colonoscopy last week. And, let me tell you, not the biggest thrill! :-)
Love your shadow shots. Can't wait for those sunshiney outdoor shots! Now I want to take a cozy nap.

Cher' Shots said...

I love shadow shots - it gives a different perspective to inanimate objects. I'm at that so-sick-of-winter stage too! Love seeing the sun but as I type this it's gray and snowing - again! Yuck!
'hugs from afar'

Julie Hinds said...

I can show you how the afghan will turn out, have the same one on the back of my sage green couch! Alas I didn't make it, bought it at a garage sale, a wedding gift they had received, someone was not appreciating the value of time and thought put into it! Well now, I'm admiring her plenty, love the color mix too. Don't mind shadow pictures either, Josh has a rebel too, he thinks its the best camera.

Kerin said...


Donna said...

Love 'em! I won't ever complain about seeing your shadow shots! And a blog post without a picture is ... well ... not nearly as fun WITH pictures!

Tanya said...

I'm definitely here and a listenin'!!! And you can shadow shot any time your little heart desires! I love um'....they are peaceful, serene, restful....and the simplicity of them is exactly what is needed most days....
But I can't wait to see shots of your impatiens in bloom! :D