Sunday, March 13, 2011


The LORD by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding hath He established the heavens.
--Prov. 3:19 KJV

Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in thee!
Let the water and the blood,
From thy wounded side which flowed,
Be of sin the double cure,
Save from wrath and make me pure.

Could my tears forever flow,
Could my zeal no languor know,
These for sin could not atone,
Thou must save and Thou alone,
In my hand no price I bring,
Simply to thy cross I cling.

While I draw this fleeting breath,
When my eyes shall close in death,
When I rise to worlds unknown,
And behold thee on thy throne,
Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee!

Listen to the melody of this hymn here.

I know you are all in awe of the power of the tsunami that hit Japan this week.  It took me a few days to even absorb this calamity.  It is said that the power of this quake tilted the earth on its axis.

 I couldn't see the video of the water swirling and sweeping away everything in its path without thinking of the souls that were inside those boats, buses, cars, homes and businesses, innocently driving along the roads going about what they thought was another normal afternoon.

We never know when our time will come, like a thief in the night, we can be caught unawares.  One town was missing 9500 people, just swept away.  I'm sure that is just the beginning of the numbers of souls that are gone.

Pray for Japan and its people.  They are already, like us, in a huge mess financially:  their country has a debt that is 225% of their GDP.  They are already going through very hard times and now this.  

I will donate to Samaritan's Purse, they are so excellent at moving fast and getting the supplies quickly to where they are needed.  This looks like one huge job and so devastating to see for those in Japan and those workers coming from around the world.  

Knowing that Samaritan's Purse will take Christ with them when they go to work, helps me know that there is where I need my money to go.


KathyB. said...

So well said. I find myself crying as I view the news of this catastrophic event and wonder at the devastation.Where does one even begin to recover from this ? My prayers are for them and that He will make Himself known to these precious people in a very real way, and that they will seek Him, the only true hope in this world.

Debbie said...

I watch the news of devastation and wonder too about the 'chernobel' like threat hanging over them. Like Kathy, I weep and say "please, God". Plead strength for the believers and salvation for those who don't know Christ.
I'm glad you mentioned S.P. for donations. Wonderful organization and a good place to see you money work.
The words to that song are so beautiful. It is a timeless favorite for so many.

Barbara Pask said...

Hi! Just wanted to say how wonderful your blog is again. Always positive and such a pleasure to visit. I hope things are good in your life.