Monday, December 13, 2010

Cozy @ Home: Through My Windows

Yesterday was one of those days. Bad weather had been predicted, and when we woke up there was a covering on the ground of wet and heavy snow. No biggie. (I was actually kind of disappointed there wasn't lots!)

I had my coffee and watched the yapper show (Fox News Sunday).
He read the newspaper.
We let Luke sleep as long as he could before church.
We ate hot Cream of Wheat (yum!) and got ready and jumped in the truck for church.

Got to church just fine (hubby drives a 4WD) and heard a wonderful and timely sermon.

Now what do you think we saw when we walked into the glassed-in lobby?

As everyone exited the auditorium doors and saw all that snow -- and all of us as a group made an audible "WOW" sound because of all the snow that was coming down and the blowing snow!

I get excited for snow storms, it must be the kid in me. I know they're terribly inconvenient and can sometimes be dangerous, but oh, how I love that feeling of being snuggled in at home.

(As a bonus, school is called off for tomorrow, making Luke VERY happy!)

I aimed the camera out a few windows when we got home, and boy, let me tell ya, this was just the beginning!

There were high winds and it snowed a lot, but the wind didn't let it stack up except for drifts near buildings. I couldn't even SEE out the windows the wind was so strong, and the drifts of snow between the screens and the windows is shutting out the views from most of our windows. Jack Frost is working overtime.

All those wonderful unseasonably warm days I was so thrilled about in the fall because the furnace didn't need to run are more than being made up for now!

The wind is just whistling around this old place and we're plugging the leaks in the farmhouse front doors dating back to 1897 with folded up newspapers stuck in all the cracks.

Is that how you do it, too? ((SNICKER))!!

I think today I'll spend making and decorating sugar cookies. It seems perfect somehow.

Did you get a snowstorm too?

The wind calmed down now and the snow has stopped, but the COLD....brrrr!

Let's just say it's a CRISP day!

This is today, I haven't ventured out yet!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

No snowstorm here, tho we're just a couple hours west of you. Lots of it in the southern counties, tho. Mostly we got very icy road conditions and bitterly cold temps. Just enough to keep me hunkered down here at home!
Baking cookies sound like just the ticket for you! Wish we were neighbors!

Amy said...

No snowstorm for us, but we are still hoping. Thank you for letting us enjoy yours!! Blessings!

Brenda Evans said...

Oh my -- you guys have been getting hit with some nasty weather. I love snow storms also if of course - I can stay at home. Here in lovely Colorado it's going to be 60 today and up around 70 tomorrow. We have had no snow at all here in the city but our mountains have been getting tons of snow. So unusual our weather. People think Denver gets so much snow - not so -- we rarely get big snowfalls anymore. Don't know what's happened but so far we have escaped any moisture which I don't like. We do need some rain or snow. I hate having to clean off my car in the mornings but we need some of your snowstorm please - thank you.

PBKISSES said...

No storm here- just a dusting. The kids were disappointed, but it sure made for a less stressful drive to Church for me! I am such a chicken when it comes to driving in the snow, but hubby has no problem plowing through. I would trade this COLD weather we're having for lots of fluffy snow in a heartbeat! Enjoy!

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

We had the storm also.It has been a really long time since we have seen an old fashioned blizzard. Father canceled church. Rain first and lots of really strong wind. Our big old house is also cold. Thank goodness for the corn burning stove. Wonderful heat.
I enjoy your blog and have you on my blog list to keep up with your posts.j

Joy said...

Nothing like Old Bing to make it a real Christmas! It takes me back to being a kid, laying on the living room floor gazing at the lit Christmas tree, and trying to guess what was in the packages under the tree... we had snow too, it's just like your's with the snow blown in between the screen and the storm window. Yeah, my mom would use newspapers in the cracks of the windows. Great weather to stay inside and bake and crochet... AND blog!!!

Donna said...

We had a little snow storm here. Got about 2 inches of pretty snow! I adore that first picture on this post!!! That would be great for a Christmas card!

Tanya said...

PB Kisses and I are sis in laws...and we also think a lot alike! I too would like to have the pretty fluffy stuff. Do NOT enjoy the bitter cold or the wind...but the beauty of the white is so peaceful.
And yes...we would love a snow day here!!! ;0)
How did the cookies turn out?
Blessings to you,