Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Corner in the Kitchen

I thought I would show you a little corner of my kitchen. It's a little spot that I enjoyed putting together with a few little things I had around here (with the exception of course of the Farm Chick's Christmas book; that's new.).

The small vintage salesman's demonstrator stove in the top photo was a find last year for about $15. It doesn't always sit in the kitchen, it gets put on display for a while and then taken out and put away so I don't get too used to it and it gets lost and I "don't see it".

The tiny coffee pot on the stove is also a find from somewhere, a garage sale or antique store and fits perfectly on one of the "burners".

So for Christmas that little stove just had to come out for a little fun to use as a Christmas baking center.

I had used the sprinkles for my niece's bridal shower a couple years ago and I saved them and thought I'd use them for something.... someday.

Well, I emptied a couple of my milk bottles and filled them with those sprinkles. I giggled when I noticed the old milk bottle cap is red and white and green. Perfect!

The little red and white polka dotted jar is a find from a garage sale for a quarter and is filled with my handy stash of all occasion cupcake papers that are just plain cheery and fun to look at display.

An egg basket full of vintage cookie cutters sits on my cookbook shelf that sits above my little toy stove.

This beautiful red and white doily was given to me this summer by a friend.
I thought it looked perfect here under this little "gingerbread house" candle holder.

I did get my sugar cookies baked, but not frosted. I must have done twenty dozen. I tried a new recipe this year, scribbled down so fast, I didn't even write down at what temp to set the oven or how long to bake, but it's a recipe that seems quite old fashioned in that it called for nutmeg. They taste wonderful. With frosting they should be even better.

Toward the end of my baking, as I was taking a sheet of cookies out of the oven, my potholder slipped and I burnt myself pretty good on the tender part of the left hand between the thumb and the forefinger. I have two nasty big blisters I am treating.


I did find the time before I needed to start cutting out cookies, while my dough was chilling to go out and take some neat snow pictures. I hope to be able to show you those soon. The winds sure carved out some gorgeous drifts.

And guess what else? Luke has ANOTHER snow day! He's beyond thrilled! I think I will have some help getting all those cookies frosted. YAY!

What are you going to do today?


Mandy said...

We're snowed in too. (iced in is more like it!) I'm taking advantage of the time by making some last minute gifts and organizing before my family comes next week!

Blessings to you!

Lori said...

Aww, I hate to burn myself. It's weird how such a small burn can hurt so much! I love your decorations. I wanted to tell you I tried the little turtle recipe you posted the other day and my kids loved them. I tried the cream puffs in a pan and something else ..can't remember and it was all good. I must be hungry when I read your blog and then everything you post looks so good. I'm always needing ideas.;0)Thank you. I love your blog.