Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Saturday Again?

I had some evergreen branches to use and walked by my watering can from the porch--which just happens to sport a red and green label that I cannot remove no matter what I do--so it got put to work holding the greens and some pine cones, winterberries and a translucent little snowflake. I kind of like it in this old farmhouse.

I've been over to playing around with their photo editing software again.

It's free, fun and keeps me entertained for far, far too long.

I only allow myself to upload five pictures at sitting, or it could be downright dangerous.

I know you know it's not snowing in my house, but how much fun is this anyway?

This morning, we wasted two and a half hours with a metal roofing specialist. It was greatly informative, and we're sold on the system. It's just that we don't want to part with more than $50,000 in the form of a new mortgage.

So, after the beginning of the year, we'll be calling in several conventional roofers to get a more manageable price tag. We like to live debt-free -- and if our home were a family heirloom and had been in the family for generations -- we might actually go that far to put a long-lasting metal roof on. But it's not, so .... on we go.

I am heading out today to finish the shopping for Christmas. It's got to finally be finished so I can wrap! Stocking stuffers have to be found, too. I have all my ideas and am ready to go, I just hate the crowds. Funny how that happens, when you're young, no problem, when you're older? It's just annoying!

I do have all my heavy brown kraft bags with the handles purchased to give away my canned goodies this year, had to find a new source as Wal Mart here quit carrying them. I've noticed lately that they've dropped quite a few items I've counted on them to have from year to year and I bought their sturdy brown kraft paper gift bags because you can't give a jar of salsa or apple pie filling in a wimpy little bag!

The weeks are flying by, though and the lists I keep in my head are slowly growing shorter and shorter. We're getting ever closer and in two weeks from today, CHRISTmas will be here! ;-)

We have sunshine here, for the second day in a row...and are expecting an inch or two of snow and ice mixed tomorrow. I have some of my Christmas treats made but still have to do the baking, haven't baked one thing yet! Usually, a snowstorm will put me in the mood to spend the day in the kitchen and frosted homemade sugar cookies will take one whole, long day there! Sprinkles will be all over the floor and spatters of frosting will dot the countertop like colorful snow....

What are you up to this Saturday?


birdie blue said...

your vintage watering can looks beautiful dressed up with holiday greens. i'm with you on the crowds...

we're baking cookies and in the midst of a snowstorm here.

have a lovely weekend

Laura said...

We priced our house for a metal roof last year and ended up going the shingle route again. We've lived here almost 20 years and this is the second roof. They just don't last like they're supposed to, but still can't afford the cost of a metal one. We like to live debt free too (except for a mortgage :().
I may bake tomorrow. Haven't done any yet either. Haven't quite finished my shopping either. I'm not real fond of those crowds too.
My son and his girlfriend are headed to Frankenmuth! Oh to be young again! I love Frankenmuth, but not this close to Christmas. I just hope that they have safe travels tomorrow if we get this snow they're predicting...

Peggy said...

It's rainy and cold my daughter and I have had a lazy day today. Made some chili and cornbread and we have been watching old movies on TCM all day. Haven't accomplished much but we've had a busy December so a down day is nice.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

The watering can is so simple, yet so pretty and festive. I think I will dig out my old can and see what I can do
as a copy catter:-)
Oh, I love Perry Como...

Julie Hinds said...

I have bought those brown gift bags at Hobby Lobby real cheap, usually a 50% off item at least once in Nov and Dec, love your ideas!