Friday, October 8, 2010

Pine Hollow Lodge: Beachy Bedroom Berth!

This is one of the bedrooms upstairs at Pine Hollow Lodge, that once belonged to Mary's daughter, Autumn. (Autumn is married and gone now so when she visits home, it's "her room" once again!)

It's done in a theme, like the other rooms and this one has built-in, designed by Mary and made by her husband, using a shelf salvaged from a store going out of business. And the bed and storage unit above and under it are made like a berth in a ship!

It's such a smart way to get a lot of storage in a small room. There is a closet in the room, but not a lot of room for dressers and shelves. This was a brilliant piece of work and it's a snug and cozy room to sleep in, when you climb up into the "berth" you discover that the window at the foot of the bed opens onto a pleasantly bubbling creek just outside in the pines just feet from the window.

Here is a peg built into the unit that holds a lantern, just in case the "ship" should lose power...

Under the bed are storage units, disguised by a nice pleated bedskirt.

Tab top curtains, made by Mary are the perfect match for the plaid blues in the quilt on the bed.

The storage nooks hold lots of themed cool stuff neatly displayed. Chosen are items that have to do with the beach, ships, or the water.

Even the book titles hold to the theme and are used as accents and contrast in pops of color to set off the calm blues and whites. Bottles serve as bookends, too.

Photos taken by the family are framed and match the theme.

A colorful buoy marker stands at the end of one shelf, again, made by the family, and are held up by beautiful corbels as brackets.

Instead of closet doors, a tab top curtain softens the entry to the closet. A smart and light solution to match the theme of the room.

The jar holds shells brought from near and far....

Carrying a theme through with all the little details is what makes a room so special, inviting and interesting for the guest staying and those who live in the home, too!

Finding all the goodies makes the hunt so much fun, and as you can see here, there are plenty of ways to spend small amounts of money and make a big impact.

The bed cost probably less than $100, yet is the anchor to the room.

The small details like the photography, cost next to nothing, the books and other accessories are garage sale, flea market and antique store finds for small amounts of money.



Unknown said...

What a lovely room, the colors are so warm & the accessories are perfect.

Have a beautiful PS ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Kerin said...

Very cute room! The details are perfect!
Hope you have a great weekend.