Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Misty Morning

Yesterday was one beautiful misty morning, I went on a nice, long walk...part of the trail is on the river's edge.

All I had with me was my iPhone...and the morning was full of beautiful light, and a heavy fog...a bonus that fall likes to hand out to those that are up early!

So you know it: I had to take pictures!

(I wish you could smell, too ...Because it was wonderful, there were a few trees dropping their brown, dead leaves. That, combined with the dampness and dew made for a morning that SMELLED like fall, finally! It was wonderful. I breathed it in deeply, remembering it once again. And, I wonder, what do people do that don't have the seasons to mark their lives by?)

If the light is just right, I can't help but see everything as pictures. Well, there were pictures around every curve.

Considering that the lens opening on my old iPhone is no larger than the opening for the tip of a ballpoint pen....these pictures are pretty good. (My favorite camera has a lens with a surface as big your thumb and forefinger meeting!)

The fine details aren't captured, like the spider webs here aren't visible as they were to the eye, but still, the important details are the colors and the misty light.

I really liked this one and was surprised at the dark foreground I was able to capture and the fog rising off the water, I did it by holding the camera down toward my waist, and pointing the lens up with a good tilt.

The iPhone isn't my first choice, but it's convenient to carry on a walk, and a ten-pound camera bouncing around my neck when I'm walking fast enough to build up my heart rate isn't!

And the thing about the iPhone, is that it's always with me anyway, I never go on a walk alone without a phone.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and walking along with me on the River Walk today.

Happy trails to you, my bloggy friends on this Tuesday! Notice the beauty in the autumn light, it will soon be gone!


Jeanette said...

Nice pictures! I love early morning mist! You did a great job with the iPhone..I don't think they could have been any better with a regular camera!

Kathie Truitt said...

Smell? I couldn't smell even if I was walking beside you - my poor nose is really stuffed up. Your trees and foliage, however are beyond glorious. Michigan is way ahead of Virginia. We've barely started to turn.

Brenda Evans said...

Oh my that was a lovely walk. I do so miss my southern growing up days in N.C. I remember that wonderful smell and the gorgeous leaves and walks through the woods. Thank you for taking me with you this morning - it was a beautiful walk.

Eileen said...

What a lovely place to walk! I remember having places like that to take an early morning walk in New England. The Fall colors are so pretty. It's what I miss most about living here in California.

My daughter only uses her iPhone to take pictures now,. I think they came out fine and I couldn't tell they were taken by a phone.

Kristen said...

I love the way you look at life and then make us look too! Thank you!

Keri said...

Hi! I'm a new visitor here. Nice to "meet" you!

Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your walk along with you - what a beautiful setting you enjoy!

Donna said...

What a gorgeous walk! And you just showed that you don't have to have a fancy camera to take great pictures!

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

You always take such beautiful pictures! I sure
miss the beauty of Michigan, thanks for sharing!

Bear Hugs~Karen