Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sally Goes Visiting...!

Twenty-nine years ago I married my best friend.
(He's the guy in the driver's seat here!)

He is my best friend, in the whole world, EVER.

He has proven it over and over and over again.

I married young.

I know that now...I didn't back then.

And now when I see a bride that's only twenty,
it's kind of rare, and
I always think "But you're only a KID!"....
and truly, that's what I was back in 1981.
But it was really nice to finish growing up with this guy: my friend.

I left the church on that hot summer day smiling...

To celebrate, we went to church, then grilled steaks at home, with the boys, after finishing some yard work.

Then in the evening, we got Sally out of the barn and went to get some ice cream.

You probably shouldn't get big old-fashioned ice cream cones "to GO" when it's almost ninety degrees and you're in a convertible.

The ice cream melts and literally blows all over you.

I wore a white shirt that is being pre-treated for the laundry...
but did we have fun

We drove around with no particular place to go and wound up in the neighborhood we lived in before we lost our minds and moved into this old farmhouse.
(I kid, I kid, buying this old house was the BEST thing we ever did!)

While we were in the neighborhood, we stopped and visited with an old neighbor friend who was out in his yard.

We left there smiling.

Then we drove by my friend, Laura's house. I've known Laura for almost as long as I've been married. (UNREAL!)

We worked together for a long time at one point, have been through a lot together, and sometimes we laughed so hard at work, that our cheeks would hurt all night long from laughing so much.


They were home, so we stopped in.
(It's kind of old-fashioned not to call first, but sometimes it's fun to pop in!)

She and her family recently acquired a new puppy, and I just had to see it.
The little Havanese puppy was so CUTE!
(Why did I not take a picture?!)

Well, Paige, my friend's daughter, had always wanted to ride in a convertible
so it was her big chance, and she took it!

And the smiles, I tell you, the smiles, (((and the giggles))) of that girl!
It was so much fun to watch her enjoy it!

We left Paige smiling and we were, too!

It was just plain fun--making a beautiful young girl's simple dream of riding in a convertible--come true!

Here is Paige doing her best homecoming queen wave!

Paige's dad, Rick is behind her. I love how Rick is enjoying watching Paige in this new experience. So sweet...this is after the ride, see how Paige's hair is all windblown?
She loved it!

Then, after we got home, we danced to his favorite Elvis tune, playing on the phonograph...

It left me smiling.


Dar said...

What a ' PERFECT ' Day.
Thank Sally for letting me sneak a ride too. I never have either and it is now, as if I had.

★Carol★ said...

Sally is a beauty, and sure has the power to make people smile! Sounds like you had a great time celebrating. Happy Anniversary!

Lori said...

Sounds like a great way to celebrate your 29 years. Happy Anniversary!

Mac n' Janet said...

Congratulations on your 29 years, love your Mustang!

amber waves of grain said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on 29 years! My husband and I celebrated our first anniversary yesterday. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Jeanette said...

Happy Anniversary! I too married very young I was 20 my husband 21 but we've been married for 33 years so I guess we did something right! That is hilarious about ice cream in a convertible!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful day all around!

Anonymous said...

Reading about your anniversary brought back many good memories!My Hubby and I both were barely 17 when we married it will be 52 years this September!And they said it wouldn't last!!!Three daughters,six grandkids and three great grandkids....makes all the bad days worth while.I hope you and yours have many more happy times together...Smiles,Audrie from Southern Mi

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Happy 29th Anniversary! Congratulations! I was married when I was 22 and hubby was 21...33 1/2 years ago! And he's my best friend and wouldn't trade him for the world!! Sounds like you had a fun day!! Love the ice cream episode...too funny...high heat=melted ice cream! :0) Have a wonderful life and God's blessings to you both!

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary, my friend. LOVE that car! What a lovely story & such a sweet giggling smile on the wee one.

Take a peek at our write today ...

Have a beautiful week.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Mimi Sue said...

What a fun day and Happy Anniversary! I was lucky enough to find a keeper at a young age too. Mimi

Donna said...

I hope that you had a wonderful anniversary! You may have been young, but you picked well! LOL.

Kathie Truitt said...

OHHH!! This is great. Thank you for sharing and I even went and listened to the Elvis song.