Friday, July 9, 2010

Redbone Royalty: Dan & Ann

Dan and Ann...

Remember Old Dan & Little Ann?
They are our oldest son's pups.
They were bred by our daughter--
the one and only litter belonging to
their Redbones Bryant and Dixie --
produced nine pups last October.

You saw them as wrinkly little pups.
Then as teeny toddlers.

And now....WOW!
Nine months old.

This is Dan. He's the quieter of the two, bigger, and extremely mellow.


They both posed (with some help) for their nine month pictures tonight...
in the evening light just before dusk
out in front of the soybean fields behind our house.


Little Ann can walk right underneath her brother, he towers over her.
He is redder, she, more blond than red.

Good girl, Ann!

What a catch, Dan!

Redbones are such a beautiful breed.


Dar said...

Gorgeous teens...
I love, Love, LOVE these...
Have a fun weekend

Cheyenne said...

Too cute!

Sheryl at Providence North said...

I like your blog! I can see your pups get as much love as mine does. I have a 5 month old Great pyrenees named, Buck.

Wonderful dogs you have there. I know as soon as I saw that first picture, which was female and which was male. He has that same gentle, laid back look that mine has.

Donna said...

Such gorgeous pooches!

mary your sis said...

a very handsome pair...

Stop Animal Abuse said...

I searched up Old Dan and Little Ann from the book "Where The Red Furn Grows!" But THEN, I stumbled upon these 2 beautiful pups ! I would be proud if I were you 2