Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is It Monday Again? Life Is Just....

especially with
quiet spot,
a gentle breeze,
a comfy chair and a cup of
sweet black Michigan cherries...

Oh, the simple pleasures that come 'round one time a year!

What's your favorite fresh-picked fruit this season?


mary your sis said...

MMMmmm, those cherries look good. I was disappointed not to make it to the Traverse City Cherry Festival this year. I'll have to go to TC soon for my own "Cherry Festival", want to come? I'm thinking blueberries will be ready to pick soon! There's nothing like fresh blueberries. When I was little I used to dream of eating all the blueberries I wanted. Donuts, too. it seems many of my dreams were about food. LOL!

Unknown said...

Blackberries, and lots of blackberries. Then raspberries, nothing like going to the farm market and get lots to eat! Simply good and fun!

Mandie said...

Well those cherries sure look yummy! I would have to say that anything fresh would be good. There is a peach farm not too far, I can't wait to pick some peaches! Blessings

Heather Lee said...

♥Cherries!!! They are definitely my favorite! I think I appreciate them most because I only have them a couple times during the summer. But's like my own little sweet feast when I do!♥

God Bless,

aimee said...

There are just SO many I love -- raspberries, blueberries, Rainier & Bing cherries, marionberries, apricots and on and on! Basically almost every fruit grown in the PNW!

Kathleen Grace said...

Definitely the sweet cherries, although I have really been enjoying the blackberries this year too. Extra big and sweet and on sale:>)