Friday, July 30, 2010

Five 5 Five 5 Five 5 Five 5 Five 5

Five Things About Me

1. My name was AMY for three days before my dad named me "JOAN".

2. I have a dream of becoming a writer.
This blog, it turns out, is my preparation for that.
The discipline of writing an entry almost every day is getting me prepared
for the job it will be to write.

3. I like to people-watch. Always have, always will.
As kids, my sisters and I had the best time imitating accents, voices and mannerisms.
Without a television, we found a way to entertain ourselves.
It's FUN!

4. I love my country and wish I could have been a soldier.
I think I would have been well-prepared for it because of the way I was raised.

5. I would like to be buried in pajamas as opposed to uncomfortable Sunday clothes. And please NO GLASSES on the nose
when I'm laying in repose.
(I'm a poet, dont'cha know it!?)
Who sleeps with their glasses on, I ask!?!?

Now, aren't you glad I didn't write TEN things about me?


Have a nice weekend!


Recycled Cottage & Garden said...

I like the idea of being buried in pajamas. A friend's little boy once said he thought people should be buried naked as their clothes should go to poor people. Maybe he's right, but I think we better do closed casket funerals. :-)

Faith said...

I'm with you with pj's, or my "soft comfy's"...I don't like to dress up with all fancy garb, it just isn't me.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

P.J.'s - I love it!
I want a pine box! And to be pulled to the top of some hill in a wagon by horses...

Nice post Amy! LOL!

Cousin B said...

While I don't plan on going anywhere soon, I love the idea of being buried in p.js too, and my slipper socks. Also I love Parisienne Farmgirls idea of having horses pull pine box by horses. Good post Joan...Amy hmmm. :-) Both are cute.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Hmmm....Have not really put much thought into #5!

Funny how names "fit" us. You look like a Joni! It fits you so perfectly :) Amy? Nah!

My parents named me Bambi! Changed it a few weeks after I was born. My middle name is Rae. Bambi Rae sounds like a stipper! Doesn't it! Ha!!!

When I was 7, there was a theatre in my hometown showing Disney Classics. My Mom took me to see Bambi. I was so excited. I was a huge animal lover from the time I was very young.
But, when the hunter shot Bambi's mother, I fainted-yep, out cold.
For months I had horrid nightmares

To this day I have never seen the movie past that point.

A few years ago I read a survey in USA Today. It asked "What movie, that you saw as a child, made the biggest negative impact on you." Bambi was the winner!

Gosh I am glad my parents changed my name! That's just too much baggage to carry around! LOL!

Cute post, Joni! Keep posting those beautiful babe pics :)

xo, misha

Tanya said...

You are too cute for words!! I love your spunk and spirit...You are definitely a JONI!! I can't wait to read your first novel!!!!

Anonymous said...

No glasses and pajamas. I agree 100%!

Mitzi said...

I have told my children that my wish is to have a closed casket.I don't like people looking at me now-why when I'm dead. Also I am to be buried in my nightgown and my ratty old robe. That is my most comfortable outfit. Life's a laugh, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh about being buried in your PJs! I have told my husband NO BRA- who wants underwire for eternity! Have a great day! Angela

English Cottage in Georgia said...

:-) I have had way too many anxiety dreams during my 28 years of teaching - going to school in pjs or undergarments- to want to be buried in pjs.