Thursday, June 17, 2010

We Have A Winner! Vintage Linen Rescue Drawing!

Folks...I took my head out of the clouds of baby love for a few minutes to realize what day it was!
I passed my own deadline for my VINTAGE LINEN DRAWING!
It's a few days late, and I made the time to find the winner to our drawing for the "Southern Belle" vintage embroidery piece.

So.. on the Random number generator the 4th person to enter was chosen to win this piece and that was...............

JANET from!!

Janet lives on the coast of Georgia near Savannah!

I think it's really neat that this vintage embroidered "southern belle" is going there to live in her home where the magnolias bloom, Spanish moss hangs from the trees and the days are hot and humid, and life and the iced-tea are sweet and laid back.

I am excited to read Janet's blog, it looks like my kind of place with some history and patriotism thrown in, as well as some humor, too!

Please go say hello and congratulate Janet if you have a minute!

Meanwhile I will be notifying Janet of her new acquisition and will be sending it on its way to hot, steamy Georgia soon!

Thanks for all your participation and for your visits to Old Centennial Farmhouse.

I'm very appreciative of your stopping in here on your way around the web to visit!


Mac n' Janet said...

I can't believe I won! It's beautiful!

Faith said...

Congrats to the is a beautiful linen...Enjoy