Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mom's Birthday & SCADS of WEIRD WORDS

Jamie and I
Fall, 2004
Palisades Park, Oneonta, AL
(This picture has nothing to do with the post,
it's just that I don't have much access
to my photo files from this computer.)

The other day, without thinking, I said the word SCADS to a friend, you probably know her, Shannan, of FLOWER PATCH FARMGIRL fame....she's quite the writer, if you haven't "run into her" you probably should arrange it, she's funny and ever so cute.

And speaking of cute, she has three adorable children that you should meet, too. And her husband is QUITE the photographer, keeping her supplied with fuel for her posts.

Besides being funny, Shannan is quite wise. She's also delightful. And she liked the word SCADS when I used it.

So..that made me think, what weird words do ya'll use that would make you laugh if you weren't used to them?


My mom has a repertoire of funny words. Not funny pronunciations, actual WORDS that are funny.

I'm not saying she doesn't pronounce some words funny, she actually does.

For instance, she says "WARSH" instead of WASH...and she even says George WARSHINGTON. The White House is even in WARSHINGTON, D.C. (Did you know that?)


I hear myself using some of mom's strange words from time to time, although I did end up pronouncing WASH properly, somehow, maybe it's a genetic thing, and I randomly got the gene for leaving "R" out of WASH.

....Anyway, sometimes when I say certain words, I'm not sure if it's her or ME talking....sometimes I think it's her. ...and in honor of your birthday, mom, here are some unusual words I've heard and now, to my chagrin, use in my vocabulary.

Thank you, mom for rounding out the boring English language with some of these:

SCADS (as in "I've got SCADS of fabric, just waiting to be used.'")

JIGGER (as in "Hand me that JIGGER, will you?")
Just a substitute for the word "thingamajig".

BUGGER (As in "That Joni is such a BUGGER, can you believe her?")

RIGAMAROLE (As in "I've had enough of this RIGAMAROLE with the IRS!")

GALOOT (As in "She was a the furthest thing from graceful, in fact she was a BIG GALOOT!")

YAP (As in "Shut your YAP, willya?!")

WALLER: (As in "The pig wallers in the mud.")

SO....did any of those strike you as funny?

Please add your "FUNNY" words in the comments section! It's going to be SCADS OF FUN!!


Recycled Cottage & Garden said...

well my Mom says libary instead of library and pus instead of plus. My Dad has the best one, he says atlasphere in stead of atmosphere.
When my cat gets to running wild I call him a Hoodlum. I like using the word plethora as in 'I have a plethora of chores to do'. And people look at me funny when I say something is inane. I didn't think those were funny, but some people think so.

Faith said...

I did laugh at some of those words.. my husband says libary too
and Tyota instead of Toyota. I have used scads, and rigamarole one my personal faves. whatcha call it, that there, and bugger too. Too funny....

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

Nope-that's how we talk around here--fer sure.
I was raised in the 60's in a teeny, tiny town right on the Mississippi. We played in the holler and dipped the crick for crawdaddies. We used warshrags to bathe with( often in an aluminum tub )I went to a 1 room school house where there was 1 teacher for all subjects and all grades. I look back and consider myself lucky. It was a great way to be raised......★Linda ★

mary your sis said...

How about "gopping" as in "Mary; will you quit gopping at the ceiling??? You're not gonna find yer shoes up there, for heavensakes!"

And "gussied up" as in; "My goodness; ya don't need to get all gussied up! We're just goin' to the grocery store!!!"

My favorite mispronunciation is when a neighbor tells about how his nephew "Flea Bargained" in court to get out of serving time in jail! I kid you not: FLEA BARGAINED! (And he's told this story more than once, each time with that pronunciation.)

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Too funny!
My Dad answers the phone.."Yellow"
instead of "Hello"!!!!!!!!

It is nothing compared to living in east Tn! It took me about a year to really understand the lingo. In fact I have a whole post I never published of "countryisms"!

Happy Birthday to your mom, Joni!!!!

Have a wonderful day, and Jamie, too!
xo, misha

Thistle Cove Farm said...

skeedaddle and epizootics are favorite words to use.
Happy Birthday to your Mom; may she celebrate many more. BTW, my Mom says Warshington as well...funny! She also says Spacific for Pacific; her Mom used to, mistakenly, call her dog a Pandemonium instead of a Pomeranian.
Too funny!

Unknown said...

Well, I recently found out the Michigan is the only state that calls the locked cabinet in a car a "glove box", everyone else calls it a "glove compartment", I'd forgot about that, and sometime in my transition to Michigan some 25 years ago, I also starting calling it a glove box, and forgot it used to be glove compartment! My kids thought it was funny and we should rename it the "mitten caddy" and see if anyone noticed! My mom, being a lawabiding non-swearer, always said, "OH snickafrits!"

Julie Hinds said...

Oh, I have another one, at a recent family Christmas party in Iowa, my twin sister ran out to her car to retrieve a phone book, but in her haste, she didn't see the tie downs to the blow up giant snowman and tripped running high speed and nosedived into the sidewalk, mangling her glasses and getting a nasty cut and bumps and bruised up a bit. When she reentered the house, looking worse for the wear, she said this wouldn't have happened if she hadn't been scurrying into the house! We have warned her against scurrying on every available occasion since!

Buttonchief7 said...

Being from southern Illinois we kind of sound lazy in saying words like power, shower and flower to rhythm with flour. The little sisters I watch get a kick out of teasing me whenever one of these words come out.

Mac n' Janet said...

The "warsh" thing is a midwest pronounciation learned that in a language class I took. Professor said he could tell where we were raised by how we pronounced certain words, wash being one of them.
Doo-hicky is one of my favorite words as well as a tad.

Kathie Truitt said...

ALL of them are hilarious but I have to share with this with you. I'd never heard the word 'bugger' until I moved to England. Over there it is considered a filthy work - even worse than the 'f' word, can you believe it? I've never really been able to find out what it meant? I just knew I probably shouldn't say it. ('Sod' is another bad word - no one would tell me what that word meant either. It's so bad they weren't allowed to say it on TV or Radio).

And I can totally relate to Warsh.

Anonymous said...

In the Hudson Valley, a lot of folks put the "r" in "Warshington" too. At least they did when I grew up there 30 years ago.
That always annoyed me. My grandfather used to say "earl" for "oil" and "goyle' for "girl." He was a Brooklyn, NY transplant. I think he was joking when he talked that way, but I've heard older people speak that way since.

How about "dingdang it" and :okey-dokey." those are family favorites.

Anonymous said...

In the Hudson Valley, a lot of folks put the "r" in "Warshington" too. At least they did when I grew up there 30 years ago.
That always annoyed me. My grandfather used to say "earl" for "oil" and "goyle' for "girl." He was a Brooklyn, NY transplant. I think he was joking when he talked that way, but I've heard older people speak that way since.

How about "dingdang it" and :okey-dokey." those are family favorites.

Recycled Cottage & Garden said...

Kathy, sod and bugger are words used to mean a homosexual man. Sodomy is also called buggery.

Remembered another, my Dad say orl for oil.
I tend to say Dag nab it! when things go wrong.

mary your sis said...

Oh, sugarbeets! Remember when we were growing up we weren't allowed to say the word "fart"? So, we made up our own word; "BOOPER" I still can't say that word without laughing, I'm laughing even typing it! What the heck? Where'd we come up with that, anyway? Guess a weirdly colorful vocabulary is genetic maybe?

Simple Home said...

I was reading through the comments and I'm a native Californian, but we've always called it a "glove box" too. My dad still say's "humdinger". Here in California, you don't even hear the word "supper" much, it's always "dinner",but my folks always said it, so I do too. In fact the word "folks" isn't used around here much either. People sometimes look at me funny when use that phrase when talking about my parents.

Cheyenne said...

baha! I love it! Bugger is def not a word you wanna use up here though....haha! :) Too funny!

mary your sis said...

Wait. Here's a DOOZY! It's chilly at my house tonight (62 degrees: global warming doncha know?). So, I dug out some polka-dotted fleece pajama pants, my fuzzy pink polar fleece socks, and put a Michigan hoodie on over my sailor shirt. Then on went my crocs, so I could come outside to start a fire in the wood boiler. As I trooped out of the house, I heard Mom's voice say very clearly; "Well, Mary, that's quite a GETTUP you've got on there!" I'd forgotten about those two words, doozy and gettup! Give me a few more days, and the next time I dress like Aunt-You-Know-Who I may think of more, LOL!

mary your sis said...

How about NITWIT, NINCOMPOOP and NABOB? These words are certainly a colorful way of saying someone's an idiot. For example; Nitwit, Nincompoop Nancy Pelosi thought the liberal progressives who angrily demonstrated at her last Town Hall Meeting were a Naggle of Nabobs!