Monday, June 28, 2010

Dirt. Always. Wins.

Sometimes the futility of being a housewife and cleaning up a lot occurs to me as I
scoop up dustpansful of dirt or dump the mop bucket and see all the dirt I am taking back outside...again.

I shall soon see that dirt again...only perhaps next time I will be getting rid of it by another method, for instance, the vacuum or the washing machine...

And then the profound and morbid thought occurs to me
(profound is a matter of opinion, morbid is a matter of fact!)
that I shall be buried in dirt once I die.

I've spent most of my life fighting it and it will, in the end, cover me!
And then after a while I will BE dirt!


If I choose not to be buried and and have my family cremate my remains, I will still become "dirt" in the form of dust.


Dirt ALWAYS wins!


Shirley said...

That is kinda morbid but you're right!! Oh well, I guess that's how it's supposed to be. We can be dust and irritate our kids who refuse to clean up the house! I am shocked everyday when I broom my kitchen floor at the amount of Rocky's short white dog hair!! You'd think he'd be bald by now!!!!!

savvycityfarmer said...

You. right.

I was born to clean

Dar said...

Observation is such a reality bite sometimes., but it's a good thing.

Shirley Chicken Legs said...

2 dogs + my life = Dirt = Life. I hear you.

Lady Laura said...

I used to joke that we could fill a flower pot with all the dust we swept up on a daily basis. I used to add all the dust and dog hair (we have 4!) to the garbage until a light bulb went off and I started emptying the sweeper cup outside.
Then the joke became that as I was emptying out the back door; more was coming in the front door. It's a battle, that's for sure!

Ali said...

Its so true! Cleaning takes up WAY too much time. Pets and kids and husbands don't help lol!

Paula-Pieces from the Past said...

Very True!!!

"Dust in the Wind" I was singing that song the other night. My singing totally annoyed my teenager but you know what I like that song!

Hope you are having a nice week and no matter how much you clean the dust and dirt will be back tomorrow! Go shopping instead it is more fun and rewarding :)


Anonymous said...

Happy fourth of July, I visit your blog daily and love it. Congratulations on the little precious one. I appreciate all your patriotism and it is so nice to know others who have the same values. God Bless and thank you for your great blog,Emelia.