Monday, June 7, 2010

When You're a Kid...

When you're a kid, your worries are small...

and the world is a wonderful place...

and that is the most beautiful thing about childhood!

Remember when your small worries were:

What flavor popsicle?
When are the cartoons on?
Can I memorize the newest jump rope rhyme?
Who had cooties?
Who had the coolest lunch box?
What you'd spend your fifty-cent allowance on?
How long can that Slo-Poke last?

A child's life: so much simpler.

We can learn from it.

To take joy in SIMPLE...

Let your kids be kids,
and sometimes
let yourself be a kid.

Have you skipped lately?
Thrown stones into a pond just to watch the ripples?
Laid back in the grass and watched the clouds?
Waded with your pants pulled up, just to feel the water on your toes?
Made faces at yourself in the mirror?

What was a "big worry" to you when you were a kid?


Laura said...

I was such a worry-bird when I was a kid! Little did I know that there would be so much more to worry about as an adult. lol
I think my biggest worry was school. On Sunday nights I couldn't sleep, worrying about school on Monday. My mother always stayed up late on Sunday to watch a late night talk show, local-out of Detroit, the host's name was Lou Gordon. Anyhow, when I heard that show come on I would start worrying that I was up too late and would be tired in the morning, which would make the whole day worse. Yes, I worried, but they were simple worries...

Paula said...

Awww.... what a cute post, Miss Joni!
My biggest worry when I was little was which stuffed animal to sleep with. I had several and I remember I didn't want any of them to get their feelings hurt so I took time about... one night I couldn't decide and just piled them all on my bed! My mom came in and told she she thought I needed to just pick one and I was so sad- I thought I had finally solved my dilemma! *LOL*

Dar said...

Who ever thought as a kid that our worries would grow bigger just like us. I had such a carefree childhood, that worry only surfaced when crawling through a barbed wired fence or under an electric one. I Did worry tho, what the kids at school were going to think of my new glasses. Kids didn't think anything about calling someone 4-eyes. No one wore contacts way back then.
Nice entry...

Kathie Truitt said...

My biggest worry as a kid? That I'd have to leave my small town and all the wonderful, beautiful people that I'd known my entire life and move to a big city with too many people, too much traffic and people who didn't care about one another. What's that old saying? 'What you worry about you bring about?'


Elenka said...

The only thing I can remember was being worried when someone in my family was in the hospital.
Other than that, not many worries.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I think I must have worried most about doing well in school so that my parents wouldn't be upset. I think I was a worry wart in those days. But oh to have those days back!!

mary your sis said...

I was a worry-wart and a scardey-cat about EVERYTHING! When I was a kid I had to go to the basement most days to get potatoes to peel for dinner. I was afraid a nest of blue racer snakes would slither out from under a box and follow me all the way upstairs. Boy, did I RUN up those stairs! (I really liked spagetti night because that meant I didn't have to make a trip to the creepy basement!) My daughter Autumn saw a mechanical Jaws up close at Universal Studios when she was 4 or 5 years old and sharks always scared her after that. When she took a bath in our old claw footed tub, she'd worry that Jaws would fall out of the ceiling into the tub and she'd just have to get out of that tub right away!

Everything seems so much larger when you're a kid than it does when you're an adult, too!

Ali said...

Gosh, I worried about all kinds of things, but school was the worst. I hated Sunday nights especially and I often had trouble falling asleep at night and would panic that I would be too tired in the morning. I rarely at breakfast because I had such a nervous stomach! I think it finally went away in high school, after I was homeschooled for 2 years. And I haven't had those feelings since, thank goodness! Now I just have grown up worries about my babies and hubby and other more "important" things, but I know God is in control thankfully!