Monday, October 26, 2009


Me 'n my sister...well, we can get into some trouble.

Actually, me and all my sisters can.

Have you got a sister? Sisters?

I have four.

They're all pretty much crazy like me.

Once we get the's over.

We've been known, in our younger days, to be kicked out of restaurants.

(Just for laughing! Geesh!)

Well, when there are more than two or three sisters in one place, there's bound to be laughter. And it's going to be LOUD.

(Sorry, mom, if you never knew that. It happened. A couple times.)

Hope you're havin' a GREAT DAY!

You know...

Feelin' "perky" and all that.

Really! I do!

(I never would have made a very good "prim and proper" girl back then!)


Mary your sis said...

How did you find the music from the "White Christmas" movie? We looked for it to play on Autumn and Clints wedding video, for the pics of Autumn and Katie and never could find it. Love the song "Sisters" and it sure does describe most sister relationships. Great post and thanks for coming to visit, it was a fun day!

Mary your sis said...

That Myrtle and June sure do make a pair! Although Prunela, Bertha and Agnes aren't there to get into trouble along with you!

Kathleen Grace said...

You and your sister are so cute!

Donna Lynn said...

Oh my goodness, you both are just darling and look like so much fun! It sure makes me miss my BFF!!!!!

Thanks for the sweet glimpse into your life together as sisters and friends!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...


You are both so cute!

My sister and I have almost the exact sense of humor and blurt out one blast of laughter before breaking into a fit of it.

Once we start it is difficult to stop. Never kicked out of a restaurant though - almost got asked to leave a church service once!!!

Lallee said...

How cute! You both look like you would be a lot of fun. Would you come to our family reunions? LOL I have two sisters and I see the three of us have some loosening up to do! What a fun post.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

How lucky you are to have "4" sisters - you beat me by one sister.
Having my 3 sisters is soooo much more fun now!
Not so much fun in the 70's when the 4 of us had to share one bedroom. Yep, one bedroom with 2 sets of army bunks in the bedroom. During that time the one boy had his own bedroom.
I would not trade my sisters (even the liberal one) for anything in the world. We also laugh (now we have to cross our legs to laugh) and have a blast during the rare times we get together. Sadly we are in three different states.

Deanna said...

Luv the hats!!!
You girls are just plum beeuutifullll.

Looks like lots of fun,

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

I'd give anything to have a sister thing like you do! Wow, and to get kicked out of a restaurant for laughing! That would be a blast... especially with sisters! xx Vicki

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

You brought back a very funny memory. My college BFF and I were in Hudson's doing the same hat thing and to our sheer terror a little ol' lady said to us as we were in full clown antic "MAY I HAVE MY HAT BACK?!" I don't think I have tried a hat on in public since!!!! You two look like you had a ball and made some great memories that day!