Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Merry Autumn Days

"...We hail the merry autumn days,
When leaves are turning red,
Because they're far more beautiful
Than anyone has said..."
--Charles Dickens

(That Dickens....he could write about just anything!)

Poetic, I am not. But, I managed a little fall decorating in the last few days, and wanted to show you one of my favorite little spots on the porch. Now, to prove that loving someone's castoffs is always a plus: I found this lap-sized quilt at a subdivision sale late in summer for $1. OH. MY. Well, first it's a little QUILT, in perfect condition! Secondly, it has my favorite color, cobalt blue --prominent in it, which matches our house, so naturally it was destined for the farmhouse porch. But little did I realize UNTIL I put it out on the porch for the fall season, how well the other colors in it matched all of my mums...!

I just had to show my blog readers the beauty of this piece against the colors of nature and let you enjoy it, too!

The gourds were a surprise leftover from last year's gift from a friend of a sackful of gourds that she grew. They rotted in the garden last winter, then this spring took root and were allowed to grow and surprise us. Lo and behold what we thought might be squash or pumpkin reseeding itself, was the green gourd invasion! I have no clue why the yellow or orange-colored gourds didn't come up, but suppose it shall remain one of life's little mysteries.

The mums I bought from a local man who has the cutest row of little western buildings in his front yard, and he sells produce and garden goods all year, in the fall, his yard is full of mums and pumpkins. It's a serve yourself, pay on the honor system, you just drive in the circle drive, pick your items, use his nursery cart to load it all into your trunk or pickup, deposit your money in a little box and be on your way! You just have to love small-town, good country-lovin' Americans....

(I'd have taken my camera if I'd known I was stopping in but it was just one of those things, hit the brakes and pull in, and your kids ask what-- in a surprised tone--what you're doing!)

This morning, I went to visit and have lovely, long visit and breakfast at "The French Laundry" with two friends, one being my neighbor, the farmer's wife, and the other previous owner of this old house -- who now lives in a town not far from here.

(Another case of I should have taken the camera, because the town is packed full with eye candy for any lover of old things: beautiful old homes everywhere you look, most with lots of gingerbread, big porches, and all varieties of wrought iron fences!
I shall return, and conquer it with my camera, just for YOU, my comrades... one day!)

Anyway, the drive was beautiful, we passed a lot of lakes (why DO lakes look so gorgeous in the fall?) and blazing bright trees and beautiful farms, and also on the way home, happened to pass by an orchard and there I bought a bushel of (mixed seconds) apples for $6, so I guess you know what I'll be doing soon....making pie filling and applesauce, and won't the house smell good and the windows be steamed up then!

We've had late November weather here the last week or so. It's COLD but the cold is bringing out the brilliant colors in the leaves; proving that each season has its rewards.

I hope you have a beautiful day and enjoy fall as it slowly sneaks up and surrounds you with its glorious color!

How do you preserve apples?

PS: June Bug came through surgery just fine on Monday and was home by around five, and acted like nothing had happened. The ladies at the vet's office said she was up and playing right after surgery, and they were amazed at how chipper she was...so no worries about that little lady!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

What an AAAdorable quilt; you blessed woman! An absolute gift and I'm happy for you. Glad you enjoyed your drive, sounds lovely.

Sue said...

Your display is gorgeous! I love that quilt, and weren't you the lucky one...... a dollar!!
I just received a HUGE burlap sack filled with apples from a neighbor and will be spending the next few days up to my elbows in pie fillings and applesauce. Fall is sooooo wonderful, isn't it?
Have a great week!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I love your new porch display - did you grow your gourds? We grew about 10 of them this year I was so proud!
I really love what you have done.

This year I froze 5 apple pies, have done 2 bushel of applesauce, am making vinegar and made 6 pints of apple butter.

sorry I have not been commenting much!!!

Bloggin bout my Boys said...


Jena Williams, Not So Shabby Interiors said...

Oh, I love it all! The quilt is just beautiful but the combination of everything is just wonderful!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Hi Joni,
I'm just now having a chance to sit and get caught up on all of my visits! Thanks for the compliments on my sale...it really was fun! Sorry to say the GW print sold right away:( If I ever find another one...
Love your porch-and the quilt for $1.00...great find!
Have a great day!
I can applesauce and freeze for pies.

Donna said...

What a lovely autumn grouping to decorate your front porch! And that gorgeous quilt for a $1? Such luck never happens like that around here, LOL.

gailsgarden said...

I love your fall display and can't wait to see all those small town pics some time soon!

I freeze apples in pie sized amounts. My sis told me last night that she adds the other ingredients with the apples: sugar, flour, cinnamon. Good idea and I thought I taught her everything she knows!:) Just kidding. She is very smart!

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

I love your porch display! Especially that old wheel. That quilt is gorgeous and really picks up the colors of the mums! Don't you love surprises from the garden!

I usually slice my apples and freeze them.


Kathleen Grace said...

Your porch looks so beautiful with all the jewel colors of the mums and that wonderful quilt!

Kathie Truitt said...

You told me once that you were thinking about doing a coffee table book of pictures and writings about old farm houses. I'd like to really, really encourage you to do this. You have an amazing talent for photography. You're also a good display artist and good with making witty comments about each one.

My book starts production next month and I expect I'll be pretty busy, but let's talk soon. I at least want to give you the name of my publisher.

Joy said...

What a deal with the quilt! Awesome! Oh, and I love the quotes on the left side of your blog.