Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall on the Old Homestead

Just as the tender days of perfectly colored leaves came, the dark, dreary, windy rainy days arrived to steal away most of the leaves and blow them down to the ground. Those damp leaves however, when they dry form a crunchy carpet to walk on, something so pleasant smelling and full of memories from younger days of kicking up leaves on walks in the woods.

Globes of various sizes from summer's garden whose shapes and brilliant, happy orange color thrill us when placed around the yard.

Crops are busily being harvested (when the weather permits) by the farmers that live around us, and fields are plowed under to wait for the blanket of snow to cover and nurture the hard-working earth during its coming season of much-needed rest.

We have learned to just let the leaves fall--until they're all gone--from the huge silver maple in the yard, because there's no sense in raking up "some" only to be faced with another big pile the next day after a big wind blows through. I enjoy the look of them as they cover the soft, green grass of fall. And when it's time to gather them up, the reality of months without the friendly protection of the soft leaves makes me feel melancholy, I miss their rustling sound the very most. But I know that the remaining bones of the old tree is already been busy forming buds for the promise of next spring.

The old red child's tractor on the front porch holds a tiny, tiny orange gourd and my ivy plant....careful watching of the thermometer tells me when to bring it in at night, I like to allow it to live outdoors as long as possible. If we have enough pumpkins of our own, I like to let them trail down the front steps, displaying a cheerful welcome to anyone who drives in. I'm not one to rush out and pull up the annuals and perennials, I let them take their time and die a natural death, and am rather pleased by the look of the bright yellow leaves of the huge hostas that surround the porch, they cheerfully do their part to add to the fall symphony of color.

This is my very favorite corner on the porch, a colorful burst of fall color!

This is another favorite little corner...but unfortunately the spiders like it, too....there are webs hanging all over the front of the house. It's useless to broom them down this time of year. But I just realize that's the way with fall, just about every living thing is preparing for winter, to be tucked away for months of a long, cold season.

As a side note regarding fall here in Michigan: I live near several large apple orchards. It's a delight to stop in whenever I need a fresh bag of apples and choose from the ample inventory. I visited for a minute with the apple farmer and asked if it had been a good year for apples. With our cold, rainy summer, I wasn't sure if the harvest was plentiful, but she assured me it was.

So plentiful in fact, that a lot of Michigan's apples will be left on the trees or on the ground. The reason? The harvest was so great (and because of that, the prices are low) that the orchards all ran out of their huge wooden crates they store the apples in. It didn't pay the orchards to order new crates and keep hired help on to pick when the prices are so low.

It makes me sad to think about all those apples laying around the state, but, the deer and other wildlife will be well-fed this winter, if they are able to find the apples under the snow. There's always a positive from a negative but I hate to see the farmers lose out. I'm so glad the apple farmers keep the orchards going for us to be able to crunch into these wonderful apples!


Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

What a beautiful views you have Joni. I have never had the pleasure to live where the red and orange leaved trees live, but I can imagine how it is through your descriptions. Actually, I did live in Michigan until I was 3... but only have snippets of memory of those years. Your favorite corner is wonderful. I love that big wagon wheel! ... and speaking of spiders... that's one thing I can totally relate to here! Our spiders have the luxury of never having to hide from the frost, since we rarely have weather that falls below 38-40f. When we first moved here, I cleaned the spider webs every day... the neighbors thought I was nuts. Now I know why, and have joined them in allowing my porch to be web-y unless I'm having guests over. LOL Thank you for this wonderful Fall post Joni~ xx Vicki

Debra Howard said...

Love your post. I like to let the leaves be too. I have to sweep them up from our really really long driveway but I just put them on my lawn in a place they can't blow.

Mary your sis said...

Love the photo of the beautiful silver maple from that perspective. Laying on the ground and looking up at the leaves on the trees was one of my fav things to do growing up....

Sue said...

Such beautiful photos.
The deer are certainly having a feast this year-what a contrast with last year when the late spring frost ruined the apple crop for the year.

Laura said...

I love your photos. I also love the falling leaves and we have them abundantly here at our place. My husband just had to run the mower over them yesterday to mulch them. I hate to see that, but there will be another layer today. Besides, I am allergic to the mold when they lay too long on the ground...I live in Michigan too!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Good morning Joni,
That is so so pretty...I really liked the one with the trees on the horizon and then the photo of your home...simply gorgeous! I'm with you on letting the season be here as long as possible...and am sad when it leaves. I chcuckled at your sister and you...you are blessed!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

So lovely.

Your porch is always the best.

Our apples have really dropped in price too - I wonder if it's the date or for the same reason? $1 a pound now for you pick!

We have silver leafs too and really, as bad as I want to go clean everything up half my perenials are still green and there are still leaves on the trees. I think I am going to wait til it is a complete disaster instead of spending day after day out there!

Your home looks so lovely.

commoncents said...

Beautiful post! I really like you page - keep up the great work!

ps. Link Exchange?

Carol Murdock said...

Joni your pictures make me want to come in for a cup of hot coffee and a chat!! Love them! :)

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Joni, your pumpkins and gourds outdoor decor is fabulous. Oh how I could love to sit under your tree and watch the brown and orange leaves float to the ground.
Beautiful pics....
Thanks for sharing:-)

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

Climbing the trees to pick apples then eat a big piece of my Mom's famous apple cake, raking HUGE mounds of leaves just to jump up and down in them and yes that CRUNCH!!, and awaiting the ONLY time of year the GREAT PUMPKIN was on since videos did NOT exist then!! Those are my fall memories as a kid that I think of everytime I see the "tree progression" of fall. Your porch is toooooo cute and inviting!! I am tickled to have apples so reasonable. That is one healthy thing my kids will always grab for a snack. Hey, dare ya to wear your "fancy hat" when we meet for breakfast HAHA!!!Just kidding---I'll be too hungry to get thrown out HAHA!!!You and your sister are so cute. My sis and I need DEPENDS anymore when we wreak havoc errr visit and shop!!

Jena Williams, Not So Shabby Interiors said...


You are so blessed to have such a beautiful home and wow, what a beautiful tree. I just love the fall and your tree pic is the reason why!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...
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