Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Year Ago This Week

Jamie and Thad, a year ago this week, up on the lookout above the Straits of Mackinac. It was very windy that day but man, what a view!

A year ago this week, Jamie and Thad came up and we went a lot of places and did a lot of things....Michigan things. And I recall that it was unseasonably COLD and it rained almost every day and stormed quite a bit. But even so, it was really good to have them home and hang out with them for the week. I hope it can become a family tradition. Above is a picture in the rain, the cold rain at Tahquemenon Falls. After our hike out there, Jamie took an hour in the gift shop to find something to take home for souvenirs.

We did the "U.P." thing and toured the Soo Locks, if you've never done it, you really should, it's interesting and well worth the money and time. Kids especially love it and even big kids like Thad who loves anything that has an engine.... Thad especially liked the Soo Locks museum that's in an old iron ore carrier. We spent a lot of time there when we got done with the boat tour.
This picture was taken by Jamie, actually almost all of these pictures were. She is an awesome photographer. This one was out by the Whitefish Point Lighthouse on Lake Superior on Whitefish Point . It was a jacket day most of the time they were here. It was probably a nice break from the hot and humid days in August that is typical for Alabama, where they live.

Here's Thad, he loved the Big Lake and watching the iron ore carriers. Thad looks as if he could be a salty sea captain, doesn't he? A friendly, but salty sea captain!

Here's a beautiful sunset. Jamie loved looking at and picking out all kinds of rocks to take home. Some things never change, she has always LOVED all kinds of rocks, even as a kid. She would walk looking down all the time! I would have to secretly throw out some of the ones that were just plain old gravel she'd load her pockets with. Sometimes, she would even feel sorry for the rocks from ASPHALT and drag them home! Other times, she'd find some real keepers, her and her dad had quite a collection of uniquely shaped rocks that were in the shape of bears, feet, hearts. She filled her cowboy boots here at Whitefish Point, to take some of Michigan back home with her! Before she left, we coated them all with clear acrylic so they'd still look wet. Some of the pictures she took she had enlarged and framed to decorate her dining room with. They turned out very well.

We stayed until dusk to see the lighthouse lights come on. Also that day, on the shore here were several homemade memorials to some of the crew members of the shipwreck, Edmund Fitzgerald. It was touching and also chilling, and made us realize that even though the lake looked so calm and harmless on this particular day, it's a deadly place to be when a storm comes up. Guys that work the lakes on iron ore carriers deserve their spot on the Discovery Channel like the fishermen and the ice road truckers!

That's what we were doing a year ago this week, and now, we leave in just a few days now, this year to go to Jamie and Thad's this week! Wonder what adventures we'll have there?


LeaderOfTheChickenParade said...

I can send you a lot more cool pictures to post of that day if you want or some of our new beach pictures in the Gulf of Mexico : ) I miss you... come see me.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I'M JUMPING UP AND DOWN, I HAVE A COMMENT!!! I know I have legions of fans out there who just wish to remain anonymous! WINK WINK....anywhohow, I miss you too and I AM ON MY WAY!

Andrea said...

HEY. I left a comment before!!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Andrea was my first commenter, and my second! She has a place in my BLOG HISTORY! YAY ANDREA!

Andrea is my niece's half-sister and a lot of fun to sit near at baby or wedding showers! *Ü*