Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stinky Pete....I love you!

Every now and then I like to do good deeds. I do! Really, and to prove it I am going to tell you a story about a cranky old Prospector Disney created named Stinky Pete.

I rescued Stinky Pete from the side of the road....he was sitting in a driveway real close to the road one very, very hot and humid summer day. Two moms, sisters, were "helping" their sons have a toy sale. I took pity on them and felt sorry that of all the beautiful weather days we'd had this summer, these two had chosen the hottest, stickiest, most horrid day to sit out near the asphalt road selling the toys their offspring had agreed to part with.

There was a lot of Disney stuff there and among other things, I spotted him! I picked Stinky up for mere cents, and he got washed and put in the inventory of eBay stuff I have in the garage.

One day I finally got around to looking his kind up on eBay and LO! Stinky was a valuable find! I called Luke in to look because I could not believe my eyes....Stinky had been bid up to $25! So, I hurried outside to take a natural light picture of MY Stinky, hoping to make him look more handsome and even more valuable than the $25 Stinky.

It must be my gift....? and if I do say so myself his portrait turned out to look quite handsome! I listed Stinky hoping for at least $25. I started him out at $2.99 and someone bid on him almost immediately. This is a good sign, people, if you want to know. A very good sign. And the bids continued.

Well, two days ago, the auction had ended, quite happily for me. And I sent Stinky to live with his new owner in Canada, and said new owner was willing to part with $35 plus around $4 in shipping to import this bad dude into his country and his home. I don't get it. But I like it. Really well.

I do love Stinky Petes and if you happen to have any of these odd looking, mean old prospectors from TOY STORY 2 laying around your house that need a good home, I will bring him here, love him, launder him, and pose him for a portrait and put him up for AUCTION! No telling where yours may end up living!

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