Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Word to yo motha: Elephant Ears!

Should I be embarrassed to say that I get all giddy when I see this particular food car at the fair? Well, I do, even though I am considered to be a rather (ahem!) mature adult. I will admit that I get more than giddy. First I smell it, actually tipping my nose to the wind when I exit the vehicle in the parking lot and taking a big SNIFF. AHhh!
Oh, yes, there it is! and the olfactory nerves go a little bit nuts, all that cinammon-greasy-fried-goodness gets to me. Sometimes, the anticipation makes it all the better. So I made myself wait until we were on the way OUT of the fair, heading to the car to get my hands on one.
And, boy, did I! It was ugly, mamas, it was real ugly.
And if you're wondering what that first picture is there, it's a pig's ear....really! I peeled it off one corner of my elephant ears. Don't want to think about how it is I ended up with an elephant ear with a strange and irregular appendage!
I think the pig's ear was a warning to me....oink! Don't eat too much! Heh, heh, heh!

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