Monday, August 18, 2008 its best!

Way back when....when 8-track tapes were the new "in" thing, we were more than happy to chuck our "albums" or "records" to the side. Then we were treated to even better technology and that was cassette tapes! WOW! Next to an 8-track, a cassette looked miniature. Next came the CD, and the quality alone made us all run for the stores to get a player and we could jog with one running and the earphones plugged in! It didn't get any better than that! After that, MP3's and IPODS and believe me, I love mine! But, sometimes it just feels so good to file through the old record albums in their awesome covers and then slow down and listen to a crackly old record album.

Jamie made that even more possible this last Christmas when she gave her daddy a "record player" that is beautiful just to look at, but it also plays CD's and has a radio, a place to plug in MP3"s. But my favorite thing to do is to take out one of my first albums and give it a listen while I am reading or maybe soaking in the tub. It's funny what hearing those songs on a crackling needle will bring back to one's memory! Where I was when I listened to a particular song over and over, the first concert, and more!

If you've saved your old albums, you've saved a treasure. Ask for a "record player" for Christmas! Saving old stuff is a problem I have, I'll admit it, but in cases such as this, I'm glad I am somewhat of a packrat!

Recently when we bought the Mustang, it had an old aftermarket cassette player in it. Guess what I found in the attic a couple weeks ago? Alas, a basketful of cassette tapes, that, when played in the Mustang, really sound PERFECT! So what if the sound isn't clear and there's no bass, they sound like they SHOULD! I'm lovin' it!

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