Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Walking Through the Year: Miles Walked in 2012

Evergreen garland draped over the top of a china cabinet.  Love this idea!

I love the way the shutter is turned on its side, and lays on the mantel as a backdrop 
for Christmas decorations!

I took this picture because I LOVE the way the sunlight shows the green glass off.

I am drawn to painted pieces, and loved this white china cabinet.
IF ONLY my husband would let me paint some of our pieces! 
He thinks it's a travesty!

This many cubby-holed piece had me in love.
I love the stool collection underneath it as well.
I cannot start another collection, but I enjoy looking!

Jamie bought Audrey some of this set for 
her first REAL tea set, beautiful and matches her 
bedroom colors.

Now that I am back home, 
and I hung my new calendar...

I finally got my miles for 2012 added up.
I record them on my wall calendar, daily.
I do this now each year as a motivation, 
logging miles each time I walk.

I then total each month.
I keep a running total.
Then, at year's end, I look at my grand total.
Then, I try to compare something geographical 
to the number of miles walked.
This year's grand total was 488.
The Mississippi River is about 500 miles long.

This method, for me, has worked as a great motivator, 
and that is why I am sharing it with you!

PS:  Photos from an antique jaunt I took with my iPhone when I was visiting my daughter's family.


Anonymous said...

That is a terrific motivator!
Great inspiration pictures, too.

Bonnie said...

I went on an antique jaunt right before Christmas and fell in love with everything. But I just can't bring anything else into my house. (well, I did buy a vintage wastepaper basket for my bathroom)

Tanya said...

Wowie wow wow! I'm impressed and inspired! What a great idea to keep track of them all year! Good grief I never thought of that!
Keep it up girlfriend!