Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back Road Beauty: The Blue Hour

The other night I left right when the sun dipped behind the western horizon.

I drove a while out in the country with my camera.

It's the time of day called the "blue hour"...with some of the most beautiful light you've seen in winter, and especially when there is a fresh snow on the ground.

The blue hour makes anything ordinary extraordinary, but I think I've told you that more than enough...

Barns, sunset...the blue hour...all of it, just gorgeous.

And I relaxed, decompressed, and had the best ever mental health therapy just as the sun said good-bye at the end of the daylight.  

I sure do hope you've enjoyed these shots, too.  

And I hope your day is beautiful, too....don't forget to peek out the window at sunset, you never know what you might be missing.


Mary Ann Potter said...

Joni, these photos are absolutely beautiful! Our winters here in North Carolina are pretty much brown with touches of deep blue, but we don't get "the blue hour." We left Michigan so long ago (1983!), but I do remember the magic of winter sunsets. We're expecting our first snow of the season later today, a few inches worth. I'm ready to take photographs! It's an event here. I'm even going to the grocery store this morning for bread and milk and other essentials. That's a time-honored tradition in the South where snow means that everything closes, folks watch The Weather Channel, and we hunker down for the duration. Y'all have a blessed and bountiful day up there. I look forward to more photos! I enjoy your site so much.

Chasity said...

Beautiful pics!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Wish we had more snow in Missouri.

Anonymous said...


Patti said...

Yes, your pictures are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The photos are glorious. They look like what my husband saw on his way home from work tonight!