Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Down,But Not Out!

We are NOT giving up!  

We can lick our wounds, let the bruises heal, but we must stand back up, and square our shoulders, and dry those tears (yes, there were many!) and fight on!


Washington did not give up when his army was freezing and discouraged on the Potomac.

We can't let our grand children down, when we feel all alone and filled with grief, we must continue to fight.

I wasn't okay on Tuesday night, felt like I got run over by a truck because I could NOT sleep, the grief was so great.


We will fight again another day, we will fight again, perhaps another way.  

To win.


Time to hold some feet to the FIRE! 

Taxmageddon is coming up.
Credit downgrade is coming up.
Gas prices rise 30 cents in one day.
Stock market crash morning after!
The bad news is going to get faster and faster, 
our debt is the monster in the room we can't get rid of.

Things will move faster than ever.

We must be fit and ready for the battle.

Are you in?

PS:  If anybody but my faithful spammer reads this, please note we will resume "regular programming" tomorrow or Saturday.  I've been having a terrible time keeping up with this blog.
If I have any readers left, will do my best to keep up and get back in the groove now that the election is over.

Take care.


Meadowcreek said...

I know just how you feel. I think this is the first time in my life that I've cried about the outcome of an election. I cannot understand how so many people could vote to re-elect him. I'm afraid that things are going to get worse than they already are very soon.

Sunny Simple Life said...

My heart was just broken last night. I so wish it had turned out the other way. I fear for my kids future and ours especially as we age. Scary.

Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishing said...

I totally agree w/ your took the words out of my mouth. I am guess I'm glad that I do not have children to pass this debt to. I am saddened for the little kids of America who will grow up and be the workers who will pay tax burden. :(

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

My sentiments exactly, Joni. I was sad last night and tears came to my eyes. I told my husband that I felt like running somewhere but don't know where! Maybe to the moon? But somebody would just pop my bubble again! A hidden cabin in the woods or a desert island? Wanna join me? Wishful thinking. Reality, gonna stand my ground in my faith, fight for what's right and gonna go down fighting if I have to! I'll still be your bloggy friend! Hugs!

Mary Ann Potter said...

Real Americans do not give up, and real Christians do not stop praying. We are re-doubling our efforts to get this country back to God. Yes, this is very, very painful. But we go beyond that, dry our tears, and run with the vision that God gave our Founding Fathers all those years ago. WE WILL NOT LIE DOWN AND LET THE LIBERAL POLITICIANS RUN THEIR MESS OVER US. WE ARE STILL FIGHTERS.

Janice Basley said...

Let me tell you why I cried ladies. My 19 year old daughter, who is about 35 minutes away at College, called me crying. She said a friend of her's had posted how she wanted Obama to win, so my daughter posted "actually I want the other guy" with a winky smiley face. The next thing you know, people she doesn't even know are posting to her "I hope you get raped" "You a close minded B word" and all kinds of vulgarity at her!! And the were girls her age and a Gay guy!! She said "Why does it have to be so taboo to be a young conservative?!! I feel so outnumbered!!" "Even in my classes, the teachers try to make you look stupid if you don't share their view". She then blocked those people and if afraid to speak her mind any more. The only thing I could say to her was "Look at the map, do you see all those Red states? That's more than half the country!! I think we still have a fighting chance! He won by electoral !! You can't give up!! They say he won because of all the young women voting !! Isn't that sad, that parent's and teachers have taught these young women that it's all about getting Abortiins, free birth-control

Janice Basley said...

Please excuse my spelling above, it wouldn't correct it:(. But anyways, he won because a generation if women were raised to think its okay to sleep around because you can get abortions or free birth control!! And it's all about your body parts!! What a sad sad country that it's come to this!! Thanks for letting me vent. Please pray for my daughter and all the other young conservatives out there, to have strength and faith in what they know is right. Thank you:)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Now, for the twin job ahead of us... work and prayer.

Unknown said...

Joni - I too was unable to sleep on Tuesday night. I was devastated, as were my husband and children. My daughter actually cried with worry for her parents. We are small business owners who have scaled down to just the 2 of us. We would love to retire but can't. We would love to sell the business but who in their right mind would buy or start a business right now??? These are scary times for True Americans. By True Americans I mean those who are willing to put in an honest days work for an honest days pay. Those who realize that we live in the greatest country in the world because we have always been willing to pick ourselves up and earn what we have. When did it become shameful to have what you have earned? When did success become a dirty word? When did it become OK to have your hand out waiting for someone else to take care of you? That is not the America I grew up in.

Hopefully we will beable to get back on the right track but it is going to be a long slow difficult road I am afraid!!

God Bless you and your Joni and God Bless America - she needs it now more than ever!

Patti said...

Oh my, I cried too. I am frightened for my country and the debt we are incurring. I fear that things are in motion that we will never back out of (Obamacare) and things that will take years to correct.

Carissa said...


As a young conservative myself I know what your daughter is going through. I've been in her shoes more tan once. Being a conservative college student is tough, I'm there as well. But America needs more young Conservatives like your daughter and I. I will pray for your daughter's situation at college, and pray that she can find other conservative friends. Who will support her and stand beside her.

gailsgarden said...

I too am saddened with the election results and agree with the other writers. However we KNOW THAT ALMIGHTY GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE AND THIS DOES NOT THROW A MONKEY WRENCH INTO HIS PLAN. I praise HIM for that assurance. This world is not all there is to it!

Anonymous said...

in VA,
I cried buckets, still getting teary eyed. I truly believe Mitt was God's man and half the voters rejected him. But I won't give up, I have grandchildren.

Judy said...

I'm heartsick, but I'm in!

Anonymous said...

This has been such a distressing disappointment.
You've hit the nail on the head again. I'm in!

Down On The Farm said...

I'm still here, and I agree with all you said! However, we have to look back and remind ourselves that Jesus message was never accepted by the majority. Even when Jesus walked the earth, many more people rejected Him than accepted Him. They always have. God was not surprised by the results of the election. It breaks my heart that America has turned its back on God. Too many have called wrong right. May God help us! But, all that said, GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE!! My hope is in Him, not the president. I trust Him and I KNOW that He has a plan. Thank you Lord!!!

Echoes From the Hill said...

I went to bed angry, and woke up with tears in my eyes, and then I decided we have to keep the faith and live through the next four years, and stay out of debt, be frugal and persevere. It is very difficult to unseat an incumbent, I believe it has happened only once in the last 100 years. However, when the economy is in a terrible mess in four years, we have a good chance to elect a conservative president.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your election posts. I have read every one. Yes, we never give up. I believe we are the remnant of this Nation. Keep standing. Keep praying. Keep believing. Keep the faith!
Bless you,

Lisa B. said...

Thanks for your political posts Joni! You always inspire me. On Tuesday night me and my husband were in shock. He turned the TV off and went to his workshop and I went to bed in tears, though I didn't get any sleep. The next morning I felt like I was hit by a truck. We both went about doing our chores quietly. It was a very melancholy day. I am scared for our country, I am scared for our children. But we have to keep fighting for what is right. After we survive these next 4 years, we will come back stronger and America will be great again. Please know that I am praying for our country and all of the good, honest, hardworking people that make it great.

Anonymous said...

I too cried. How wicked America has turned and they have increased their meaness because of this wicked obama. There was so much cheating in the voting and it gets worse every time because no one does anything about it. One fix would be that anyone on welfare could not vote. If you don't work and pay taxes you should not have a say in who should be our president. We all know who put him in office both times. We need to cling to Jesus and believe He will correct this - if He doesn't come to rescue us soon. Thanks Joni.

Anonymous said...

I'm in. I don't understand why but I believe God's.promise "all things work together for good"

Pauline said...

I'm still standing with you, Joni! I have such a heaviness in my heart over this election, but will continue to take a stand, pray, and fight for what's right in this nation! God bless you for doing the same!

Deanna said...

On election night I was dumbfounded and stunned. I wish it had gone differently. I still don't think it has completely soaked in.

I will still be praying for our country, revival and guidance for our political leaders.

God bless you,

Janice Basley said...

Thank you so much Carissa. You don't know how much that means to me:). She has a couple Conservative friends at school but they are totally outnumbered! I know it can be disheartening but I just keep telling her to keep fighting the fight. Not to give up on her beliefs and values. I pray the same for you too:) she is majoring in International Affairs and wants to be an Intelligence Analyst. One of her big concerns was being able to get a job after college. I told her, the way this country's going, I don't think you'll have a problem. I wish you all the best Carissa:) Stay strong and be proud to be a young Conservative!!

Anonymous said...

I live in the state which called the winner with 0% votes counted. Can you guess? I am a Catholic Conservative surrounded by those against me. (I feel deeply for the young woman so horribly harassed) I feel as I am in mourning and very alone... And truly defeated. But now, Ive dried my tears, turned off the TV and the radio (goodbye Quinn and Rose) And replaced it with family games, cooking together, and a great date night. My household has needed a deep breath before whatever revolutionary measures are destined to come our way. THANK YOU for being such a beautiful place for me to turn during this time. your blog strengthens me in knowing that I am not alone, that flowers will continue to bloom, babies will be born, and we still can stand strong to make our country great once again.

Jaybird said...

I'm in!!!
God will provide. He will hear our prayers and heal our land. He promised!
Thanks for fighting the good fight!