Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cozy @ Home: Thanksgiving

A turkey platter and a pumpkin as well as a vintage book called "Moccasin Trail" nestle among soup toureens and a sugar bowl, as well as a vintage kerosene lantern.

Indian corn hangs from a nail on the old five-panel pine door. 
The watercolor leaf painting is one done by my son when he was in elementary home school.

A wooden pumpkin sits on the window ledge with scattered leaves.

A garage-sale turkey platter is the centerpiece of this buffet display.
On the left are Indian figurines found years ago at Cracker Barrel.  
They are an excellent place to find beautiful seasonal decorations.
And their after-any holiday clearance sales a great!

These nesting bowls are always used on our Thanksgiving table.  
I found them years ago at Sam's. 
You can never have too many nesting bowls!

The Bible is opened to Psalms.
It's been a comfort to me lately.

A little display centered around a $1 vintage child's chair found at a garage sale:  
I love this story of Sqauanto...The Miracle of Thanksgiving.  GREAT for kids.

About the book: 
This paper-over-board picture book biography approaches the holiday from an evangelical point of view. Beginning with Squanto's kidnapping, at age 12, by the Spanish from his Patuxet village in 1608, Metaxas (The Birthday ABC) follows him to M laga, Spain. His friends are sold into slavery, "but God had another plan for Squanto." Monks purchase Squanto and teach him their beliefs, then entrust him to a kind man in London until he can find passage back to America. Finally, in 1618, he arrives home, only to find his village wiped out by disease. The discovery tests Squanto's faith but does not destroy it ("As he pondered the great sorrow in his heart, he talked to God"). 

When Squanto comes to the aid of starving English newcomers, Governor Bradford predicts the hero's role: "Perhaps God has sent you to be our Joseph." In the end, Bradford and Squanto both give thanks to God for using Squanto in "such a way that would bless the whole world for centuries to come." Of all the offerings this season, this account comes closest to describing the holiday's religious roots and historical beginnings, even though many may argue with the book's politics and/or theology. Stirnweis's portraits tend to be stiff and inconsistent, but his realistic renderings of M laga and London architecture are atmospheric. The culminating illustration portrays Squanto in a pose like Christ on the Mount. Ages 5-10. (Aug.) 

Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

My little recipe book shelf in the a favorite spot to decorate.
It's one of the best little spots to keep things cute!

With garage-sale find crocheted potholders warming it up, a cowbell, and little pumpkin candles.
I like to use the fronts of seasonal recipe books to decorate with, they're too cute to hide!

Fall leaves "scattered" on a Coke crate turned on it's side, 
and a set of vintage coloring books in a little box my sis gave to me...

Scattered reminders of fall on the hutch, 
mixed with blue...

The old farmhouse is finally decorated for Thanksgiving...

I was a little slow this year.

Something different every year, I never do the same thing exactly the same way twice, but one thing doesn't change!

And that is...

The warmth and beauty of the Autumn and Thanksgiving!

Let us now remember...

How we have been blessed.


Kristy said...

Good Morning Joni,

Love your fall decorating. Looks like home to me. I collect old plates and books too but I'm going to be on the lookout for a turkey platter. It's perfect! Happy Thaksgiving to you and your family from ours.

Valerie said...

Looks cozy and welcoming for Thanksgiving!